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It seems like a normal house until you see the rolled barb wire behind their back yard.

Will goes to work where they appear to be retrofitting cars with something in the trunks. Will is taking fuel cells to the Santa Monica Gateway when he runs into a street closure.

Tall buildings are blown out, blackened from battle.

Sully (as his "friends" call him) climbs into a cooler with another man and the prepare to be transported. Will wants to find his son, from whom he was separated upon arrival. He turned 12 last week.

There is a giant silver wall surrounding a portion of Los Angeles.

There is an explosion and the cooler is outside the truck. He's caught, apparently inside the silver wall. Lots of drones.

Everyone rides bikes instead of driving cars. 

Katie rides past a wall full of photos of missing persons. A guard tells her to move along.

She's trading for home made insulin, but it's crap. She's not willing to part with a good bottle of booze for a bottle of crap insulin. She manages to get out before things get out of hand. Thankfully, she brought a gun.

At school, the kids are all trading food. Each family seems to have something unique to offer. The Sullivans have an orange tree, so that's what the kid trades for home made tortillas and coffee. They're at Hollywood High.

In a makeshift jail, Will wants his phone call. He doesn't get it. At home, Katie worries about him. Her sister, Maddie is worried about the insulin. the last batch will be gone in a week. Katie goes out, despite it being so close to curfew.

Katie goes to his coworker's, Carlos', camper. He doesn't know where Will is. Now the curfew sirens are running and Katie is out. She hides in the street from the drones. While she is under an armored vehicle, they pull someone else out and into it. The lock eyes. The vehicle drives off. She's safe.

The next day, Katie discovers what happened at the Santa Monica Gateway. She's worried he may have been injured or killed in the explosion. What she's really doing there is stealing insulin.

She calls the man she saw earlier on a roof. Why didn't he tell her about the party? Was her friend invited? He wasn't invited, but he went anyway. He's hoping he'll be home soon. They're talking in code, obviously.

In jail, the guards are looking for Will Beauman. Will says he's Sullivan. Not anymore. He's being taken to the green zone.

Dirty and disheveled, Will is taken to a house where a party is in full swing. It's Proxy Snyder's house. He offers Will a bourbon. Snyder wonders what, exactly, Will was doing in the exclusion zone. Will tiredly assures him he isn't with the resistance. Snyder knows that. He wants Will to collaborate, infiltrate the insurgency and bring to him the man they call Geronimo.

Snyder takes Will out on the balcony. It's starting. Their "hosts" are doing something. Who knows what, but it's a "show" they put on a couple times a month. If Will doesn't cooperate, he and his entire family will be sent to the factory. As for Snyder? He's doing what anyone else would do in his situation. Taking advantage of opportunities.

At the house, cars with flashing lights pull up. Katie readies the family to leave in a hurry. Instead, Will walks up. Inside, they hug. He says Homeland picked him up and wouldn't let him make a phone call. It's OK.

Later, in bed, Katie mentions to Will that they know they're not the Sullivans. She says she wants the truth. He tells her he went looking for their son, Charlie. He's sick of her looking at him and hating him for what happened. She's worried because of what they do to families of criminals. It's OK. Proxy Snyder offered him a job. They argue.

They wake up to Proxy Snyder in their kitchen cooking breakfast, including bacon. He explains what they'll have now that they didn't have up until now. He also tells them their hosts are here for our benefit. Once they satisfy their needs, they'll leave. And Katie's bar? They're going to reopen it. Snyder convinced the hosts they're undervaluing recreation a bit too much. 

Will takes that moment to ask that if they do all of this, they get their son back. Snyder says good things come to those who wait.

Katie has a bottle of booze she's been stashing. She's with him. 

In the morning, Katie goes to a house. Hello Grandma. I'm here for breakfast. You came early. I came hungry. More code. There are people inside. She walks out the back and the black fellow from the roof is out there. She tells the resistance that the occupation just hired her husband to hunt them down.

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Colony Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Will: Why am I here?
Proxy Snyder: To turn crisis into opportunity.

Katie: He's a good kid.
Will: They're all good kids.