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Charlie's home.

The family seems almost normal.

Devon did something that may blow back on Will.

Will's new partner picks him up. It's Devon.

Katie is driving Charlie to school.

Snyder is apparently working at a college as a purchasing manager.

Two suits are awaiting him with all kinds of information on him.

Will wonders where Devon got the money to buy a house in Santa Monica. She says her uncle gave her the money. Her relationship with the Armenians, in particular, is what has been bothering him.

Devon says they've been working together for five years. If that's so, then I have to wonder if she was his old partner, because little Charlie is about the same age, isn't he?

When a big case comes down, Devon wonders if Will still wants to put in for that transfer, or suffer another day with her.

Broussard comes home to find his mother less than well. It's been a long time.

It just dawned on me. I'm watching the "before" of the invasion, not five years later. Dang, that was a tough one!!

Will and Devon found one of the missing VIPs. He looks familiar.

Broussard shows up at the bar and when Katie tries to turn on the satellite, it's down. First signs.

She thanks him for his service. He wonders why the bar, given that she has a family and all. She wanted her kids to see she had a purpose. Broussard is disillusioned about the fighting he did.

VIP dude tells Will and Devon if society ends, he's on the list for sequestering to reboot society later.

Snyder is being taken somewhere odd. Through the obligatory plastic draping, wrapped in coats and ear muffs and led into a room where in he looks like he's about to be gassed by way of cold chill.

Instead, he meets an alien, but he's in a suit. Apparently he can hear him well through the ear phones.

The choice Snyder has to make is who to sequester, either his wife or his daughter. He chooses his daughter.

Broussard gets the call. He gives Katie a number to call if she ever needs anything.

Will knows enough to call Katie. Get the kids and meet at the Yonk.

Katie does the same with her sister. She wonders if it's like September 11th or something. Her husband is in the air. She checks flight status...there isn't one.

Devon says they need to walk out. Now. Aren't his survival instincts screaming?

Just as she leaves, the electricity goes out. Katie is in an accident. It's an EMP.

Katie and Gracie find Bram. How are they going to get Charlie? He's 10 miles away?

They decide to go to the Yonk first.

Broussard goes home. He has a bit of an arsenal at the ready.

Alan meets Helena, who tells him this was inevitable and to concentrate on making the transition as smooth as possible. It's a brave new world, and he's now the most powerful man in hollywood.

Broussard heads to the VFW. He wants to evac the place so they aren't sitting ducks. His buddy doesn't believe him. As he leaves, the sound of explosions begin around him, and the VFW is the next to disappear.

Maddie and Hudson arrive at the Yonk, and Katie gets her first look at the alien drones when the door is open.

Will pretty much realizes he's not going 10 miles on a bicycle.

Broussard's mother dies.

Big box portions of the alien craft fall before Will's eyes to create the wall. Even if he could go the 10 miles, he can't now.

Back in the present, we see Will on the Santa Monica Bloc. He's looking for Charlie outside the wall.

Although he has things to trade, Will is knifed and beaten. They think he has nothing. Does he have nothing?

Katie is in a cell waiting for Bram. He's in a bit of trouble.

Katie tells him to stay strong, stay smart.

Will finds Devon. He needs her help. She looks good.

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Colony Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Devon: What kind of engineer needs a panic room?
Will: Good question.

Suit: Alan, even great men make two or three critical mistakes in their lives.
Alan: You don't get where I am by making two or three mistakes.