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There are men in northern England looking for the British dude's mother. They find her.

BB is coughing up blood. In desperation, Morgan takes her troubles to Katie.

Will tries to access the file with Betsy's help, and Burke has her transferred.

Nolan and Maddie go to the labor camp.

Nolan wants Snyder to bend the rules so he can inspect a shipment that will be making its way off earth.

Maddie's meeting with Bram doesn't go well, but she delivers the news about Charlie.

Nolan is very excited to see all the boxes going to off earth, but even more to see the 10 or so larger inter-global crates, one of which he pops open.

Inside? Proof.

Verdict is in. BB's been pumped full of radiation.

Broussard arrives back at the cave, learning BB is sick.

BB asks for a soldier's death and Will grants him one.

Alan calls Helena about Nolan's interest in the Global Authority shipments. Alan reveals he only showed Nolan the empty ones, but Nolan went away happy nonetheless.

At the Yonk later, Broussard is lingering about. Will gives him the bullet he used to kill BB. 

Katie wants to know where he was. She isn't pleased with the way he's handling things, especially since if his house crumbles, it could come down on all of them.

Bram is taken into the labor camp group when they show him a giant bomb.

It's their case to change everything.

When Simon goes outside, the first thing he sees is his mother's face all over the streets on missing posters.

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Colony Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Bram: What am I supposed to do with this?
Maddie: I figured the food wasn't so good. I thought this could help.
Bram: You want to help? Then get me out of here!

Snyder: What is it?
Nolan: You know they say faith requires having belief without proof? This is proof.