A New Arrival - Colony
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Two people are ready to get into an airplane. It's an analog plane, so it's supposed to be fine. They're from way outside the wall. They're under the impression drones won't worry about a plane without electronics. They do and the plane is shot down. Only one girl makes it out, landing in a home's pool.

The other guy dies in a tree on impact.

Burke is so excited to hear about the connection between Katie and Maddie, but Will is annoyed.

Proxy Alcala is far more annoying as Burke could ever be because at least Burke is straight forward in his annoyingness.

It finally makes sense the way Will and Katie are working together. What doesn't is how easily Broussard moves around the bloc.

Broussard goes to see his movie theater buddy, but his throat has been slit.

Dan gets back to the office to be accosted by Burke. He's tying together a lot of loose threads between Katie, Maddie, Will and Jennifer.

He also gets from the scared kid that Katie tipped him off and helped Broussard kill the host.

The Bowman kids are taken when the Red Hats are trying to find Katie.

The team is also tracking Will. Burke wants to take husband and wife if he's going to meet her. But Will isn't an idiot. He slips past the rendesvous point and Katie contacts him. While being questioned, Dan tells him they have his kids.

Will says he can't give up Broussard because Broussard doesn't trust him, but he can get them the pilot. The process begins.

Grace is crying and misses life as it was. She wants things back to the way they were. Katie and Broussard are storming the building to get the kids.

If Gracie was scared before, she'll be scared shitless now.

Will is ready to execute the plan but wants to talk to his kids first. Shots fired, but Will has to move. Dan has a sniper on Will. Burke wants to pull out, but Dan doesn't want to.

Burke gets an orange crush to the gut and Will's on the run.

The pilot helps Will out of a jam and they're running through the tunnels. Katie and the kids are elsewhere in the sewers.

Alcala thinks he's kicking ass because he's growing the greatest day and a bunch of other crap. He taunts Helena and won't allow her to do anything to fix the bloc. He believes in his methods and approach and will not be undermined. When he leaves the room, Helena calls for Snyder.

Will finds the family. Bram isn't pleased to see him, but Charlie is. The pilot is nowhere to be seen, but she wants to meet him at a neutral site.

She works for a survivor of an attack only five men witnessed while Broussard was deployed. They need the alien tech to win the war.

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Colony Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Burke: Bowman is working for the resistance.
Dan: I can't help but wonder whether your opinion in this matter is influenced by personal animosity.

Let's talk about you, Bob. Any family, friends? Or do you just power down a closet after work every night?