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A bunch of guys making something discover their motion sensor just tripped, but even wearing night goggles, they're being picked off one by one inside their own building.

Jude is pulled and tasered, his clothes cut from his body. A pod is brought into the room, a tube inserted into his mouth and he appears to be frozen inside, fear written across his face.

Maddie and Nolan are posing for a photo op for The Greatest Day. When Maddie goes to the bathroom, Katie approaches. She wants Maddie to come with them when they leave the block. Maddie doesn't believe Katie.

Noah wants to meet the Red Hand group. Broussard agrees as long as it means she'll take them back to her group.

Snyder goes into the Bowman house and is disgusted by what he sees. He introduces himself as being there on behalf of Helena, the Governor General. The guy wonders why, as former proxy, Snyder was personally involved in hiring Will.

Maddie is really worried about paying for Katie's mistakes. When she and Nolan arrive home, the guy from the Bowman house is there. 

He wants to know Maddie didn't go to the authorities when she learned Katie stole the file. Because she wasn't sure and didn't want to send her sister to the Factory if she wasn't sure. He says she's a very convincing liar.

Broussard, Will and Katie break into a house of a couple. A guy works as a shift supervisor.

Will is the only human one of the trio. Katie and Broussard have these looks on their faces like they are the biggest smart asses. Before leaving, Broussard gives to him a stack of money for his trouble.

Alcala calls Nolan into his "office," which is the backseat of his car. He wants Nolan to disavow Maddie. Alcala thinks disavowing Maddie will be the key to keeping Helena off his back. I don't think that's true.

Bram chats with Morgan.

Snyder heads over to see Dan. Snyder questions Dan's report because some of what was in the report don't line up with what he knows about Will Bowman.

Katie can't stand waiting for Maddie to sell her out.

Maddie listens to Nolan and plants the shoelace. When she gets back home, she's as downtrodden as she can get.

Bram wants to fight, but isn't allowed. You know he's going to go anyway.

He goes to see Maya's mother. She's a drug addict, nothing like Maya. He finds a drawing book of Maya's.

Katie calls Maddie. An unmarked dark SUV is heading toward her as they're on the phone. The phone call between the sisters is genuine and sad, but Katies flight for life is real, too. 

Broussard gets the vehicle and goes to Will and Katie. Inside the vehicle is a computer screen with names and faces with information on them. On the vehicle was one of those bubbles. When Broussard tells Will, the two get into a little scuttle over it.

Maddie learns the agents were killed in an ambush and the whole thing went very badly. Nolan has no idea what it means for them.

Bram goes to some club to meet Frankie's mother. The Cardinal. She's surprised that after all he's been through he's there. That's because they don't know him anymore. She says all they see is their son. She sees so much more.

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Colony Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Broussard: What's it like out there?
Noah: Lawless and empty. They scooped up a lot of people when they walled up the big cities. And then they have big drone walkers who break up any major settlement, so most of the survivors are scattered.
Broussard: It sounds like the Wild West.

In troubled times you can always turn to family. That's what The Greatest Day is all about. Family.