Working Towards a Goal - Colony
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There's a pod in the jungle. It opens and there's a person inside who just falls out and throws up. He's wearing the same stuff as the guy who was trying to escape the facility. He has a duffle full of guns. A military person comes upon him and he's wearing military gear. They're speaking Chinese. He has a number on his back and she does too. He finishes putting his gear on and they head off together in the woods looking for something. 

They see a dead guy. He has numbers too.

They move on. They hear something. It's someone cloaked like predator. They move on. Woman gets shot. Killed. Guy checks her. Predator moves by. Guy shoots, but can't see predator thing. He gets killed too. The thing uncloaks.

Will and Katie in the living room. "All we've built is a distraction." Will. They're talking about an insurgency and finding out what's really going on. Will is going. Katie is too. She wants to know what they have to say at the gym.

Katie, Will, and Broussard arrive at the gym. Guys come over to talk. The one who works for Kynes. They tell the dude about outliers. He works for Kynes. He already knows everything. The outliers are the first line of defense. They think the occupation designed all this. The guy wants to verify the facts before they get together.

He goes right to keen. Kynes knows Will captured Snyder. He knows what Snyder told them. Kynes right-hand man is to meet with Snyder. He's meeting with Snyder. They get in the car. Snyder's guy is choking the driver out. He goes for his gun but Snyder stops him. Right-hand man kills the Kynes right-hand man guy.

The guy from the woods is walking with Bram. There's an explosion. Bram runs toward the explosion to help. The building is in shambles and the cars are too. Lots of screaming. Ambulance on the scene tending to it, and Snyder shows up asking what happened. The truck bomb went off and killed outliers and others.

Snyder is calling the IGA to investigate. Kynes realizes Harris is gone. The IGA is there for Kynes. It's Elena. # outliers dead. Kynes tells her about Snyder's abduction.

Kynes dismisses her and tells her to leave with Snyder.

Helena goes to see Snyder. Snyder did the attack. Kynes is reverse engineering Host technology. He did that on Helena's orders. "Kynes told me you'd been abducted by a resistance cell." - Helena Goldwyn Snyder says he plays all sides. It's his gift.

Kynes is deep in thought. His assistant came in and said they found Harris. There was a car bomb in his car. Kynes wants an autopsy.

Broussard and Will are trying to figure out why Will isn't in a pod. They're theorizing.

Amy shows up. They're at her house. Katie introduces herself. Amy hasn't heard of her. Amy gets polite and introduces herself. Amy questions Katie about their meeting with the other cell. Katie is waiting for people to prove themselves. Katie asks if Amy has a family. She was in LA for a medical conference when the arrival happened. 

Katie asks Amy if Will's done anything she should know about. She kind of avoids the question. Outliers show up at Amy's and say they want to go inside. Amy's pissed.

They're accusing Will and Broussard of the bombings. Will and Broussard say it probably came from Kynes or Snyder. The outliers insist to see the tape. They show them part of the tape. Broussard says the other dude needs to step up now that Harris is dead.

That guy leaves to talk to someone and orders the others to stay.

Bram is working the bombing and runs into Sal. Bram is worried about Gracie. She's on lockdown at the school. He invites Bram and Gracie to dinner again. Bram says okay.

The report comes into Kynes that Harris was dead before the bombing. Kynes suspects Snyder and Goldwyn. Helena was at Davos. Kynes realizes IGA is after him. He activates project phoenix. He orders the shutdown of whatever he has in the lab. Not sure what they're shutting down. 

Kynes runs into Goldwyn and Snyder. They said Harris was an outlier. Kynes tells them the hosts picked them because they were weak. Kynes: "They saw weakness. They knew you were the kind of crabs who would always drag the others back down into the bucket."

Katie, Will, Broussard, and Amy waiting for the guy to return. Guy came back. All phones dead. It's a signal that Harris said if the network ever goes down, they're to meet at a rally point. He knows Harris worked for Kynes and that's how they got all their intel. They ask if Harris was a double agent. The guy doesn't think so. 

He says Will and Broussard can come to the rally point with him. Katie and Amy are to stay with the rest of the guys. "Well, that seems like a pretty stupid idea. What do you think?" Amy "Nobody asked me what I think." Katie.

Snyder and Goldwyn insist on help from the admin guy for Kynes. (Glen) He tells them the system is down. No tech is working. Snyder knows Kynes shut everything down and suspects he's on the run. 

Guy and Will go into the building. Broussard gets out of the car. They're approaching the building. Broussard catches up. Guy has a special knock. His name is O'Neal. Says Harris vetted Will and Broussard, so they all walk in. The building is full of outliers. Adam Ford gets everyone's attn, partner of Harris. He reveals to everyone that they all work for Kynes too and that Kynes saved all their lives. They didn't even know it. Oneal is upset they work for a collaborator.

Kynes concealed them all from pods. He says Kynes has been converting the Seattle colony as an ark to prepare for when the war is over. They are all part of the resistance. Seattle is to be the hub of regrowth for humanity.

Gracie arrives home but there's nobody there. She puts her backpack and coat down and heads in to get herself something to eat. The milk is bad, so she eats dry cereal. Bram arrives home. He apologizes for not being there. They're talking about the phones being dead. He's upset the milk is expired. He doesn't think Gracie shouldn't have to live like that. "I know why mom and dad don't want me around anymore. Cause I make them think about Charlie." Gracie. They both hug. They miss Charlie. Bram and Gracie are going over Meadow's for dinner again. She likes them.

Broussard believes Ford and wants to work with them. Amy wants to be a part of it. She understands the risks.

Snyder is standing in an office, Goldwyn comes in. They can't find Kynes. Snyder knows Kynes is up to something. The IGA doesn't want Seattle to fail. The IGA wants Snyder to run Seattle. They picked him. He doesn't have a choice. She wishes him luck and leaves. He walks to the big window and looks out over the city. 

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Colony Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Kynes told me you'd been abducted by a resistance cell.


All we've built is a distraction.