Facing Interrogation - Colony
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Somebody is running from the drones. Vincent?

He runs into a cave and finds MacGregor. He says everyone is dead. Someone else is in the tunnel. A guy with tattoo dragging the RAP. MacGregor abandoned his camp. MacGregor gives Vincent a choice. Follow him or the other guy with the tattoo. It's unclear what timeframe this is in.

MacGregor walks Vincent out to waterfall at gunpoint. Offers him a drink. "There's no such thing as a small betrayal." MacGregor

Vincent said he just wanted to talk to the click. He doesn't want to kill Vincent. MacGregor thinks the Bowmans are double agents. Vincent is defending them. He's pretending to believe MacGregor.

MacGregor thinks the Bowmans were sent here to give false info. Vincent is to interrogate them. Katie is first.

MacGregor to talk to the kids.

Back at camp, all are gathered.

MacGregor tells them to keep the faith. Vincent talks to Katie.

Can't tell if he believes her or not.

Vincent is interrogating Katie. He's going to check out her story.

Charlie and Gracie are being questioned by MacGregor. He's being mean. Gracie told MacGregor Charlie was in Santa Monica.

Vincent interrogating Will with MacGregor. Will is telling them the truth. MacGregor doesn't believe him. Some guy barges in and tells them the blasting caps are gone. Bram is also missing.

Can't tell what side Vincent is on. He might be trying to take MacGregor down.

Back at Katie, Vincent tells Katie he knows Will worked for the occupation. They're twisting Katie's words. They captured Bram. He admits to stealing detonators. MacGregor threatens to kill Bram. Russian Roulette.

Will is going to trade information and detonators for Bram. MacGregor pistol whips Bram.

MacGregor threatens to go after Gracie. Vincent's face shows he's on their side. Will tells MacGregor about Snyder.

Snyder quote: 21,21 Snyder admits the RAP are using humans for labor and people are dying. Snyder is warning MacGregor about the real enemy. Snyder warns about Dallas. Nobody will be inspired, they'll just be dead. 23:00

MacGregor wants to kill the click. Snyder says there will be retaliation. He tells Vincent to destroy is. He sends the guard out for mines to blow at the same time. Vincent talks to the click.

We're gonna kill you. Do you understand? Vincent.

He asks about Dallas and the click shows him what happened. Vincent goes to MacGregor. He regrets turning on Bugs (the guy with the tattoo in the cave.) Shot him in the back.

MacGregor tells Vincent he needs to be a soldier and never question him again.

He goes directly to Snyder. The red glow is a kind of consciousness. There are only a few hundred RAPS.

Snyder admits he's a pragmatist, not a good man. Snyder is telling him not to destroy the click. He tells Vincent to call the occupation. The transmission under six seconds to the occupation and they can't track. The occupation will come back with terms. Vincent has to call on a certain frequency.

He's doing it.

Roanoke is the code word.

Vincent was betrayed. "What did you do?" MacGregor. "I remembered who I was." Vincent. Then MacGregor shot Vincent in the head.

MacGregor sentences Katie, Mill, and Bram to death. Gracie and Charlie are to live in the camp 'til they grow and can live on their own.

Snyder puts pencil erasers in his ears.

They're all lined up on the rifle range. Will, Katie and Bram.

There is an ear piercing sound and the occupation is coming. Resistance headed for the woods. Ther is lots of gunfire. People are getting shot left and right.

Charlie and Gracie are running. Will, Bram, and Katie is free. They go back for the kids.

The occupation is shooting everyone. Gracie is told to run by Charlie. Charlie bombs the grey hats about to shoot her. Charlie follows Gracie out toward the woods. Here comes Charlie to his family. He is almost there when he's shot dead. They can't get to him. Will in shock, and Katie is freaking out.

They leave or they're going to die. The occupation takes the click. Snyder is still at the camp. He wants to go to Switzerland. He's taking a look for MacGregor among the dead. MacGregor is dead. He sees Charlie under the tarp. Snyder is shaken by the sight. He covers Charlie back up and they leave.

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Colony Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

There's no such thing as a small betrayal.


We're gonna kill you. Do you understand?