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We're getting to know Dispatch aka Amy. Her backstory is that she was pulled out of her rotation as a regular doctor in her block to help people. She was awfully hesitant.

The Bowmans are settling into the Resistance camp. Andrew MacGregor comes to talk. He found this place. He wants to know how they got a gauntlet. They're welcome to stay at the camp as long as they follow the rules. There are a lot of them.

Dispatch and Broussard are trying to find a ride to Portland. Amy offers her skills as doctor to set one of a group's son's arms. They'll trade a ride for them to help them get supplies.

Katie and Will get mushy talking about whether they should trust the camp leaders.

Katie goes to Vincent. She wants to know what the hell is going on there. He says it's a political place and they've made mistakes. The kind you make when something people are much more powerful than you.

Katie is angry. She dragged her family to this camp, but she earned a seat at the table and she's not going to wait around.

It requires a lot of experience to navigate this camp. Vincent wants her to let him play it out.

Will tries to talk to a guy named Ed, but spooks him by talking about his buddy with a Bugs Bunny tattoo.

The man doesn't like Broussard's plan. Dispatch says it's doable.

While they're running from the pharmacy, one of the big drone guys comes by and vaporizes all the people.

Amy wants to take as much medicine as she can. Broussard says they need to go as fast as they can. Amy doesn't want this to be easy.

Snyder wants to leave as soon as they can. He thinks Katie being a hero to their people is dangerous to them all.

Andrew wonders if Broussard would have cut corners on his vetting process and Katie says no. Andrew promises Katie that once they are ready to use the gauntlet, she will be in that room.

Amy falls down and her necklace starts rising off of her neck. Broussard kneels down beside her and takes out a bullet. It floats up off of his hand. They walk a little further and see what has to be an alien installment. Amy doesn't feel good. They turn around quickly.

At the Resistance camp, there is an incredible noise that seems to be coming from the Rap. They all run to the thing. Will looks at it and says, "It's a damn machine." When they hear Will and Katie talk, it starts to mimic them. The Raps fled and landed here on earth, bringing to us their enemy. Now they're building a defense because that's all there is that's left.

The camp Amy and Broussard left has gone dark.

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Colony Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Katie: I want to see it, the Click.
Andrew: Well, of course, once you've proven yourselves.
Katie: I think we proved ourselves when we brought you the gauntlet.

Katie: Your defector, can you communicate with it.
Andrew: It's not a defector. It's a prisoner of war.