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-Sgt. Jeffrey Dobbs is badly injured while trying to disarm and IED. Odds are he'll be a quadriplegic.

-Simon performs extensive surgery and manages to recover the use of the man's arms. Simon is thrilled until Dobbs wakes up and asks why he just didn't let him die since he will still be paralyzed from the waist down.

-While Simon is in surgery, his brother Edward calls and threatens suicide if Simon doesn't return his call. Simon tries but finds that his mentally ill brother was released from the hospital and no one knows where he is.

-Marjorie, the base chaplain has a crisis of faith and tells Col. Marks she plans to leave. When her biggest detractor, Simon comes to her to talk, she changes her mind.

-When the Taliban destroys books and poisons children at a local girls school, Rebecca and Pedersen treat them at the clinic. 

-Rebecca gets books donated to the school but she doesn't go through channels and the locals find the books objectionable. The school is shut down. 

-When Rebecca feels like giving up, the teacher tells her that they will open the school again and gives her a book of poetry as thanks.

-Bobby pulls back from Susie because he's afraid someone will find out about their relationship. Susie has enough of his games and breaks up with him.

Combat Hospital
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Combat Hospital Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You don't break up with girls, do you. You make them do your dirty work for you.


There are really only two prayers we can offer to God. One is thank you, the other is Help.