Travis and Wes Share the Story
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Wes and Travis attempt to get back into Dr. Ryan’s good graces by telling the story of what landed them in therapy. The tale involves a colleague affectionately called Pac-man, who introduced them. When he was brutally killed in the middle of an SIS investigation, Travis and Wes become suspicious that his fellow officers had something to do with it.


The prime suspect, John Crowell, admitted to the murder after it became clear he could no longer be tried. In a moment of grief and anger, Travis attempted to go after him with his gun. Wes, attempting to stop him, threatened to shoot, landing them in therapy.


In the present day, Wes and Travis attempt to take down Crowell and his men. Though their first shot landed them in the hot seat at the department and threatened their continued partnership, a second wind caught them not only a reinstatement, but a reprieve on the previous sanctions that sent them to counseling in the first place.


Common Law
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Common Law Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I only have one thing left to say, and it isn't very therapeutic. Go kick their ass.

Dr. Ryan

You need to use words like 'I' in here.