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Right before pass-fail deadlines, Jeff encourages the group to sign up for the easiest credit yet -- Beginner Pottery.  Jeff only manages to convince Annie and Abed to come with him, while the rest of the group follows Pierce to a sailing class.  At Beginnger Pottery, Jeff encounters a showoff that clearly doesn't belong in beginner pottery.  Jeff confronts the guy, gets kicked out of the class, but eventually realize it's his own insecurities at not being good at something that stem from his mother always pampering him and calling him special.  In the end, Jeff confronts his insecurities, manages to get back in the class and makes some mediocre pottery happily.

Meanwhile, Pierce and the rest of the gang join the sailing class, which includes sailing a boat in the parking lot.  When Pierce falls off the boat, he's left behind in the parking lot to fail the class.  Pierce ends up taking a canoe through the parking lot and Captain Shirley turns the boat around to rescue him.  After doing so, the whole class gets an A.

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Community Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Shirley: I've never been a captain before.
Pierce: I have I commanded a jet ski through an electrical storm and only had one casualty.
Troy: Jet skis only hold two people.
Pierce: Exactly, I saved half the crew.

Shirley: I was going to sign up for a class to make an online dating profile, but sailing in the parking lot sounds less pathetic.
Troy: A black person on a sailboat? I gotta see this. I'm in.