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It's Valentine's Day at Greendale and the human being mascot is dressed as cupid passing around gifts.  When everyone gets a gift but Troy and Pierce, they decide to send themselves gifts in Chang's class.  After he catches on, Chang thoroughly humiliates them.  Shirley and Annie get annoyed with how Chang treats people and try to get revenge by sending a fake job offer to Chang on Princeton letterhead.  Chang, not being a moron, catches on and thinks it's Troy and Pierce and threatens to fail the boys if they don't go as his dates to the Valentine's dance and wearing elaborate pants suits.  The guys arrive at the dance in trench coats, but before they remove them, the girls agree to come clean.  However, the guys decide to be real men and defend their ladies... by wearing pants suits.

Meanwhile, Britta gets drunk with a friend from her anarchist days, and ends up drunk dialing Jeff.  Abed notices that like in sitcom land, the dynamic of their friendship changes, and to make things right, Jeff is going to have to drunk dial Britta.  Jeff shows Abed his fake drunk skills and he decides Jeff, a terrible actor, needs to get wasted.  We're treated to one of the most amazing drunk montages and ours boys wake up the next day with no recollection if Jeff made the calls... only two dialed calls: Professor Slater and Britta.

The next day at the dance, Britta shows up, acts smug, and tells Jeff he called to ask her to be his date.  Meanwhile, Professor Slater is angry because apparently Jeff called her by accident, looking for Britta.  Britta ends up righting everything when she plays back the voicemail that was actually Jeff declaring how much Slater was the perfect girlfriend and Britta was just a friend.  Plus 40 more minutes we didn't get to hear.  All is right again.

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Community Season 1 Episode 16 Quotes

The kid's gonna be a star, he's a young "the asian guy from Lost."


One Papa John's commercial and he thinks he's Christian Bale.