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Chicken fingers are the best thing at the Greendale Community College cafeteria, but there's a chicken finger shortage going on.  The gang soon discovers it's because Star Burns has been giving the fingers to all his friends.  Jeff helps the gang hatch an elaborate plan which ends up Abed getting a job as a fry cook.  Soon the gang control the fingers and he who controls the fingers, controls the school.  Eventually Abed lets the power go to his head and steals the position of power as the group leader from Jeff.

Jeff becomes jealous and Abed drunk with power.  Eventually Abed scares aways his minions and they turn to Jeff to usurp their new leader.

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Community Season 1 Episode 20 Quotes

Jeff: Why do you have a monkey?
Troy: It's an animal that looks like a dude. Why don't I have 10 of them?

I gotta stop hanging out with her. She sounds like a chicken finger.