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When Annie's debate partner drops out just before the big meet with City College, the Dean and Professor Whitman beg Jeff to join the team.  After bribing him with a parking spot, Jeff attends the meet unprepared and tries to with the judges and audience over with a song.  After being being awarded 0 points and losing horribly, round two of the debate is pushed off when the basketball team takes over the auditorium where the debate is being hosted.  Apparently they reserved it first.

During the break, the opposing team taunts Jeff and he agrees to prepare with Annie.  However, after she lets her hair down and there's some sexual tension, they agree to prepare separately.  Jeff comes back the next day and kicks butt and just as they're about to win, their handicaped opponent, Simmons, makes a bold move to prove that man is good by flying out of his wheelchair and having his opponent Jeff catch him.  Annie proves man is just horny and evil by kissing Jeff and watching him drop Simmons on the floor.  Hilarious and kind of hot.  Hmm, Annie or Britta.  You got a tough choice, Jeff.

Speaking of Britta, she's in a pissy mood as she attempts to quit smoking and Pierce agrees to help her with hypnotherapy.  Annie agrees to not hurt Pierce's feelings, but it's obvious to even him that she's faking it.  He decides to tell her she should have a threeway with him and one of her friends when she's under and she gets upand leaves, grossed out.  However, turns out every time she wants a cigarette all she can do is think of Pierce and the three way.  Hey, it worked!

The C-line plot here was the standard Community meta joke.  Abed was making films about the group for his film class, but the catch is he was making them weeks before the events happened.  He claims he's not pyschic, just able to predict the behavior all the predictable characters of the show.  For this episode, he was able to predict Pierce injuring his leg, Jeff and Annie kissing, Troy crying, and Shirley being chased by a werewolf.  Well that last one never happened, but it is a full moon so who knows!?

After the credits, Troy and Abed work with the actors that played them in Abed's videos to do their Spanish rap.  Funny, but not as good as just these two.

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Community Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

Dean: What's it gonna take? A plum park space, free meals, a night of companionship, if you know what I mean?
Jeff: I'll do it for the parking space and if you promise not to tell mean what you mean

Pierce [to Britta]: Have you thought about hypnotherapy? I know a great hypno therapist
Jeff [to Britta]: Ten to one says it's him