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There's little to actually recap about this episode, as it mocked every action movie from Rambo to The Matrix, pitting Greendale students against one another in a game of paintball.

It was taken VERY seriously by all because priority registration was at stake, as the study group banded together to take on the glee club, chess dorks and many other cliques. Our favorite characters were among the few remaining by the end, which featured a major development:

After laughing at cliched it would be to have sex amidst such violence and chaos - and also to solve the sexual tension the group had accused them of possessing - Jeff and Britta actually DID have sex! It happened on the study group table and they agreed to keep it a secret. Although neither side said he or she actually regretted it. Interesting.

In the end, Jeff won the registration, but gave the prize to Shirley so she could arrange a class schedule around her children. Is Britta's kindness actually rubbing off on Jeff? Will these two hook up again? Abed sensed something amiss as the episode came to a close.

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Community Season 1 Episode 22 Quotes

My boys are going to make me breakfast in bed for mother's day. Well, actually I'm goin' to make the breakfast and get in bed, but they're going to bring it to me.


Just pork her and move on. That's how we did it in my day.

Pierce [to Jeff, regarding Britta]