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There were two major storylines this week, one of which worked a lot better than the other. First, the funny one:

After finding a drawing of Abed in a Spanish textbook, the group assumes the previous owner made it because she has a crush. They make it their mission to hook Abed up with this gal, who is named Jenny Adams. He seems indifferent, but goes along with it.

Turns out, the girl is dating a white guy that looks JUST like Abed. Hence, the drawing. The group is upset, but Abed doesn't care. He was only trying to hit on her to please them. He says girls actually come up to him a lot because, let's face it, he's adorable.

Anything with an emphasis on Abed is funny to us.

The same couldn't be said about Jeff's storyline. He was challenged by the P.E. teacher to wear the Greendale-mandated short shorts and take him on in a game of billiards. At first, Jeff thought this made him look very NOT cool. But after learning from Abed that it's fine to change if you're comfortable with your true self, Jeff accepted the challenge.

He and the teacher ended up getting naked in order to prove that neither cared about his looks, just about the game of pool. It was a game Jeff won, in the end, along with the teacher's respect.

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Community Season 1 Episode 17 Quotes

It's just like the Notebook, only instead of Alzheimer's, Abed has ... someone who likes him.


Oh it's a drawing of Abed with hearts all around it. Strictly speaking, the bible condemns this level of friendship.