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In honor of April Fools Day, Greendale issued a list of rules for pranks and even wanted to hire two additional student security guards.  Annie and Shirley jump at the chance to be partners, but already struggle for who will be the bad ass cop from the beginning.

Britta, trying to convince the group she's not the "buzzkill" the group thinks she is, tries to pull off a prank by putting a sombrero that says Mr. Chang on a frog's head.  While trying to steal the live frog, she accidentally knocks a corpse out of the window, damaging a sign below.

Annie and Shirley, the detectives, are on the case.  Jeff tries to get Britta to confess and when she refuses he threatens to turn her in.  Desperate to maintain her innocence, Britta tries to plant evidence on Jeff that leads the lady cops right to him.  Eventually Britta confesses and the whole group ends up in tears until the all hug and make up.

Pierce, meanwhile, tells the group he got to level 6 at his Church and they mess with him by getting him a wizard robe and cookie crisp wand.  Eventually Pierce admits to never getting to level 6 and lying to impress the gang.  Weirdo.

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Community Season 1 Episode 19 Quotes

Just reminding you to keep any April Fool's pranks physically safe, politically balanced and racially accessible.


Annie: I want to be security.
Shirley: Let's do it together, we can be partners.
Abed: That's a buddy cop movie I would watch. Which one of you would be the by-the-books cop and which of you would be the bad ass?
Shirley: Oh, Abed, you're so silly. I'd be the bad ass.