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Jeff runs into an old lawyer friend on this episode, and immediately falls back into his old, slimy, partying ways. He chooses to attend a party at his old firm over a dance contest on campus.

Concerned, the study group also attends this party, intent on a single mission: to expose this new pal as the guy who turned Jeff in years ago, ratting him out for not having a license to practice the law. Through an intricate, hilarious series of actions, Troy, Abed and Annie do track down the proof... but Jeff says he doesn't care. That just makes his friend a good lawyer.

The group leaves, disappointed, but Jeff soon realizes he actually does care. In speaking to his pal, and hearing the pal lie about who turned Jeff in, this former attorney discovers that his new friends have infected him with... feelings. He goes to meet them at the dance contest, where Chang has been trying to stay alive because if their team wins, he can be in the study group.

But Jeff and company actually get disqualified for an illegal move, still celebrating at the end because they have each other, while Chang lay on the floor, exhausted, frustrated and a tad insane.

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Community Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

DA used to call us The Litterbugs, we put so much trash back on the street.


I need Purell for my brain.