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Betty White guest-starred on this season premiere as a crazy anthropology teacher. She ended up almost killed Jeff with a weapon she made out of a bunch of old weapons.


- Chang admitted that he took this class in order to become part of the study group. Will they let him in? That's a question for a future episode.

- We learned that Troy crashed all summer at Pierce's place and created a Twitter account that just recited everything Pierce said. Pierce eventually learned about this, but got excited over 600,000 followers knowing what words came out of his mouth.

- Annie and Jeff agreed that their kiss was a mistake... sort of. The former is clearly smitten with the latter, which was evident when Jeff started to date Britta this week.

- See, she was considered a hero for expressing her love so openly, while Jeff was in the female dog house around Greendale. To get revenge, he went over the top in his affection for Britta, as these two tried to upstage each other and force their opponent to admit that he/she was actually NOT in love. That would turn the "winner" into the "victim" and garner him/her support around campus.

Through some hilarious back and forth, Jeff and Britta almost got married, only for it to come out that Jeff kissed Annie soon after he banged Britta on the study table. This caused Annie to punch him, Jeff to give a nice speech about respect and for the group to remain intact when the episode concluded.

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Are you being meta?

Shirley [to Abed]

I'm hoping we can move away from the soap-y relationship-y stuff and into bigger, fast-paced, self-contained escapades.