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Abed took a Who's The Boss analysis class where he came to conflict with the professor on who the boss actually was. The professor gave Abed the opportunity to teach the class, causing the professor to recant his stance.

Troy and Britta took an acting class where the professor asked them to dig deep into their painful memories for inspiration. Having none, Troy made up having been molested by his uncle as a child. This made Britta develop a need to protect him, resulting in a kiss. Abed convinced Troy nothing good could come from this so he came clean to Britta and the class.

Jeff and Pierce took a wine tasting class and battled over the affections of a pretty Asian girl. She rejected Jeff but took an interest in Pierce. This drove Jeff crazy.

Pierce announced that he and Wu May were getting married, but at the engagement party Jeff learned she was really a corporate spy from a rival company to Hawthorne Wipes. Jeff outed Wu May and rather than thank him, Pierce was angry.

Jeff decided that maybe there was really something there despite the espionage, and reunited Pierce and Wu May.

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Community Season 2 Episode 20 Quotes

My uncle never put his finger in my plop-plop. I know, I'm bummed about it too.


I'm auditioning for Professor Garrity's all-black production of "Fiddler on the Roof." It's called "Fiddlah, Please!"