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To seem cool, Britta started hanging out with a girl named Paige whom she thought was a lesbian. Paige, though, was doing the exact same with Britta.  Annie and another classmate realized what was happening and watched with amusement. Britta and Paige shared an awkward kiss on the dance floor before realizing the truth and then became disgusted with each other for being uncool.

Troy and Abed pined over the "hot librarian" and decided to see who she would like better. Ultimately she chose Troy, who in turn dumped her because she called Abed "weird."

Pierce was hopped up on pain medications and was seeing the Helicopter Pilot visions again.

Jeff got in a fight with the rest of the group over their love for Barenaked Ladies, and decided to stay at home and watch soccer with Duncan instead of going to the dance.  Chang overheard and crashed the party, literally, with one of his own.  Jeff ended up missing the gang, especially once he realized they had gone the entire night without leaving him the usual 38 voicemails, and sent them a text message telling him that he loved them.


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Community Season 2 Episode 15 Quotes

Is she a friend of Ellen?


I wish I was a book. She could pick me up, flip through my pages. Make sure nobody drew wieners in me.