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The gang gathers together at the hospital where Pierce was admitted for a near drug overdose. With their attentions focused on him, Pierce decides to play on their sympathies and exact a little personal revenge for them never taking him seriously and leaving him out of their activities.  He asks Abed takes  to create a documentary of the events as they unfold.

Pierce proceeds to "bequeath" certain things upon each of them. For Shirley, a CD he claims to have recorded the rest of the group badmouthing her; for Britta, a blank check which she can either give to charity or write out for herself; for Troy, a visit from his idol Levar Burton; for Jeff, the promise of a reunion with his estranged father; for Annie, a tiara he claimed had been in his family for generations, because she is his favorite.

The "gifts" were carefully selected to wreak havoc on the doubts and insecurities of each, as they struggled with their emotions, and each learned a valuable lesson in the process.

Troy was unable to speak in LeVar Burton's presence, because he was afraid he would disappoint his idol. Jeff decided to meet his father, only to find it was Pierce pretending to be him, attacked him - putting him back in the hospital bed - and ended up realizing he can't keep all that angst bottled up and needed to confront his father for real. Annie realized the tiara represented her own elitist ways and that if she didn't learn to live more carefree she would end up alone. Britta realized that she was less selfless than she thought she was, though LeVar helped her see she's just terrible with her money. Shirley discovered she uses guilt as a weapon…and then proceeded to do it again.

Abed realized, in a voiceover intended to indicate a profound thematic connection, the benefit of the documentary format.

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Community Season 2 Episode 16 Quotes

Everytime I need to cheer up I just make fun of Pierce, but now it would just make me sadder. It's Gregory Hines all over again.


Pierce: It was the pills, they just took me over. I saw awful things: aliens, demons, Critters 3, and something called Bruce Willis Surrogates.