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Pierce lost his mom this week... sort of. Based on his religion, the hilarious old coot thought that mom just got vaporized and will one day return in body form.

After getting news about high cholesterol, and lamenting how he spent his whole life eating well and treating his body like a temple, Jeff gets down on life and aims to alert Piece to the truth about his mother. But when he, Troy and Pierce hear a moving message from the latter's mom via CD, and it's clear how much Pierce does not want to let her go, Jeff chooses NOT to show his friend his mother's corpse and to let him believe whatever he wants.

Elsewhere, Britta and Annie clash while trying to raise money for victims of the oil spill. The former takes exception to how the latter flirts, to which the latter responds by mocking the former's attitude. But, don't worry, they eventually make up when they realize men are the true enemy.

Also, Professor Duncan takes over the anthropology class and we see some funny back and forth between him and Chang, who ends the episode by taking out a restraining order against the man who already had one against him.

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Community Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

If you guys just let me get to the can opener, I can feed you.


I'm so glad this tragedy overshadowed Haiti. I couldn't think of anything for that.

Annie [on the BP oil spill]