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On the season finale of Community...

- Troy solves the murder of Vice Dean Laybourne and decrees that air conditioning school must act like a real school. He can do that because he's their Messiah.

- Abed went Evil Abed for a bit, in response to Troy being away, but Jeff made a passionate speech about friendship at a trial to decide whose name should go on Shirley's Sandwich Shop and it turned Abed back to normal, while inspiring everyone to be better people.

- Jeff also ended the episode looking up his father online.

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Community Season 3 Episode 22 Quotes

Abed: I'm reading the novelization of The Chronicles of Riddick.
Evil Abed: Can you really say that's a saner decision?

Britta: Shut up, Leonard. I know about your crooked wang.
Leonard: No such thing as bad press.