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-Jeff finally has enough credits to graduate, and is offered a job at his old law firm.

-Evil Jeff and Evil Annie travel from the Darkest Timeline and infiltrate Greendale, turning everyone against Jeff so that he will take the job at the law firm.

-Abed travels to the Darkest Timeline, and enlists Evil Abed (who's not really evil anymore)'s help in defeating Evil Jeff and Evil Annie.

-The gang from the regular timeline and the Darkest Timeline each face off against their doppelgangers, with a paintball battle for control of Jeff's soul.

-Jeff realizes the whole Darkest Timeline brouhaha is in his head--it is a way for his brain to dramatize his mental conflict about whether he should revert to his old ways or admit that he has changed.

-Jeff graduates.

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Community Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

Annie, why are you acting like a mistress in a Lifetime movie?


I've spent almost four years here, growing and changing and making dioramas.