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-Dean Pelton recruits Britta and Annie to help him cater to the whims of Archie, a wealthy prospective student, lavishing him with attention and gifts, to the detriment of other students.

-After Dean realizes the way he is hurting the other students, he stops waiting on Archie hand and foot--which finally convinces Archie to come to Greendale.

-Jeff warms up to Pierce after they spend a day together at the barber shop.

-Shirley and Troy think that they are signing up for PE, only to find that they have signed up for PEE--Physical Education Education, a coaching class. Shirley thrives and Troy flounders in the class.

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Community Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

If I wanted to wait on a rich man hand and foot, I would have gone to Dubai with that sheik I met at Trader Joe's.


The barber shop--a reminder of the era when men were men, and women were sex-cooks who did laundry.