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-Tired of the rut their lives are in, the gang decides to liven things up with a hot air balloon ride.

-But the balloon goes astray, and lands in the territory of a former Greendale student/ current mountain man (Jason Alexander).

-The mountain man feeds the gang psychotropic berries, and then the Greendale Seven confess their deepest, darkest secrets to each other.

-After the gang sobers up, they are too ashamed to even look each other in the eye. Dean Pelton intervenes, making them re-enact the incident with puppets in order to draw them out of their shells, and make the gang feel comfortable again.

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Community Season 4 Episode 9 Quotes

Who's holding? I have four berries, but I'm saving them for "Laser Floyd."


This awkward silence has been going on for days! Granted, Jeffrey looks amazing when he broods, but this has got to stop!