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-An impending visit from the insurance appraiser has the gang worked up--they worry that if he says that Greendale is a huge financial liability, the school will be closed.

-Jeff, however, keeps a cool head--he thinks the appraisal will go well.

-It does go well...too well. It results in the school being sold, at a profit, to Subway, so that they can turn it into a Sandwich University for their employees.

-Chang drops the gang and becomes a spy for Subway.

-Subway offers Jeff a job teaching at Sandwich University.

-Jeff proposes to Britta.

-Britta says yes.

-Abed attempts to resist his urges to turn everyday situations into dramatic stories.

-His attempts fail, however, after he, Annie, and the Dean discover some details about buried treasure that might save the school.

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Community Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

I should go clean out my locker...she said at the age of 33.


Britta: What's an insurance appraiser?
Annie: Something that sounds normal and boring, but is actually scary, like a raised mole, or a turkey deep-fryer.