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-Abed organizes a day-long, all-Greendale game of "the floor is made of lava" to send Troy off in style.

-In order to get everyone to take it seriously, Abed offers a comic book worth $50,000 as the grand prize for the last competitor standing.

-Britta thinks the game is really about Abed's refusal to admit that Troy is leaving, and pressures him and everyone else to admit that, rather than play along.

-No one wants to listen to Britta.

-But after being left behind by the rest of the study gang, Britta teams up with Professor Buzz Hickey and plays the game, becoming an antagonist to the study group.

-After battling, Britta, Abed, and Troy are the only players remaining.

-Abed confesses that he actually feels that the floor is lava--his pain over Troy leaving is so great that his mental illnesses literally make him see it on the ground.

-Abed--distraught about Troy's departure--allows himself to fall to the ground, becoming "dead."

-Troy and Britta, playing along, "clone" him.

-Abed's "clone" is better able to handle Troy's departure, and wishes him well.

-Troy confesses that he is scared to leave, so Abed "clones" him, as well.

-Troy leaves to go sail Childish Tycoon, the ship left to him by Pierce, around the world, with the help of Levar Burton.

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Community Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Britta: You guys ready for closure?!
Buzz Hickey: Of your caskets?!

Troy: I'm better at sex than Jeff, right?
Britta: I've yet to have anyone worse.