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-Jeff is having a hard time getting the hang of teaching his new law classes--until he falls under the sway of Professor Buzz Hickey (Jonathan Banks).

-Professor Hickey teaches Jeff that most teachers at Greendale just breeze through their classes and don't really plan ahead--a strategy Jeff takes to heart.

-Annie holds Jeff accountable for his teaching style, and begins attending class and disrupting his attempts to be lazy.

-Hickey reveals the secret to getting any student off your back--giving them an "A-".

-Jeff discovers that, oddly enough, he does enjoy teaching.

-Hickey gives Annie an "A-" in his class, which distracts her, making her drop Jeff's class.

-Jeff reveals that the "minus" grade is simply given at a teacher's whim.

-The students riot when word of this spreads, but Jeff quells the uprising.

-The study group crew takes a class called "Nicolas Cage: Good or Bad?"

-Abed nearly has a breakdown because he is unable to objectively decide if Nicolas Cage is good or bad.

-But with Shirley's help, he recovers, and takes a step towards being able to cope with the random nature of the universe.

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Community Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

The teachers here are teachers because they did something wrong--same as the students!


Shut up, Leonard. Nice earring--you look like the road manager of the California Raisins.