Chang Takes Over
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 18
"Course Listing Unavailable"
Original Air Date:

On Community, after a classmate's death Britta tries to counsel others as Chang makes tries to gain more control over security.

Jeff & Annie Look On In Shock
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 17
"Basic Lupine Urology"
Original Air Date:

When their science project is destroyed, study group conducts a mock trail but finds that the truth is complicated Community's Law & Order-based episode.

Annie Speaks With Jeff
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 16
"Virtual Systems Analysis"
Original Air Date:

Things turn serious for Annie and Abed in the Dreamatorium on Community.

Annie and Troy
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 15
"Origins of Vampire Mythology"
Original Air Date:

Britta avoids an old flame with the help of Troy, Annie, and Abed.

Fort War!
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 14
"Pillows and Blankets"
Original Air Date:

It remains on between Troy and Abed on this episode of Community. Jeff tries to negotiate a truce.

Inside a Fort
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 13
"Digital Exploration of Interior Design"
Original Air Date:

Shirley, Pierce and Britta scheme to close down Greendale's new sandwich shop this week, while Laybourne once again tries to recruit Troy.

Rocking a Bar Mitzvah
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 12
"Contemporary Impressionists"
Original Air Date:

The group tries to help Abed pay off a debt this week by performing at a Bar Mitzvah. Elsewhere, Jeff's narcissism is out of control

Normal Troy and Abed
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 11
"Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts"
Original Air Date:

Andre makes a new proposal to Shirley this week, while Jeff prepares a speech and Troy and Abed practice acting normal.

King Abed
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 10
"Regional Holiday Music"
Original Air Date:

Community goes Glee this week, getting into the spirit of the holidays by singing about them.

Young Shirley and Jeff
Watch Community Season 3 Episode 9
"Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism"
Original Air Date:

It's Jeff and Shirley against a pair of arrogant student in a game of foosball this week on Community. Elsewhere, Annie hides a secret from Abed.

Community Quotes

We spend too much time together.


Annie: I've been following you, how did you get Troy to play football?
Jeff: I'm not having a conversation with someone that emerged from a bush
Annie: Because I'm right?
Jeff: No, because I'm not in a commercial for a breakfast cereal