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Nine months ago, the family vacations at the lake. Becky questions why she got sick. If everything happens for a reason?

Back in the present, John tells Samantha everything. Detective Holden gives delivers a subpeona a to John, late at night to his home with lots of police lights. It’s to compel him to give testimony in the case against Oscar Rodriguez. Samantha calls it harassment but John decides to get it over with and testify. Samantha is with him in court. 

John plans to move Antwon back to his guardians and Samantha and John plan to leave town to keep their family safe but the DA gets travel restrictions against John to keep him in town until the trial. 

John asks his father if he, Sam, and Ollie can stay at his place to keep them safe. Samantha visits Kyle at work and asks for help but he's angry she's staying with John and refuses. 

Gretchen’s sister, Ingrid, gets kicked out of rehab for having a friend stay over. She heads to Gretchen’s but Jed is still their detoxing. He freaks out, seeing ants running all over his body while he’s alone with Ingrid. Over the phone, Gretchen tells Ingrid where the bottle volume is hidden to give Jed but implores her not to take any herself. 

Bridget comes down on Gretchen about paperwork when she’s trying to get drugs for Antwon.

While in his car, some gang members push his car into traffic, causing an accident. He ends up in the hospital where Bridget sees his previous bruises. John calls Sam and tells her there’s something he has to do and that no matter what happens, she needs to know that he loves her. John makes a recording and gives it to Bridget to give to the police if anything should happen to him. 

John’s father sees someone sneak over his fence and tells Sam and Ollie to get into the den while he grabs his shotgun. He almost shoots Kyle, who is drunk and came to apologize to Sam because she wouldn’t answer his phone calls. Sam makes it clear that they are finished. 

John decides to head to the prison to speak with EZ. Gretchen insists on going with him. He tells EZ to stop the war with the rival gang or else he will tell the police everything. When EZ threatens to kill him, John says his testimony will be delivered to the police whether he is dead or alive. EZ agrees but says that stopping a gang war is complicated. 

Gretchen gets home to find that Ingrid is taking care of Jed but she’s clean. She ask Gretchen to flush the pills so that she can’t find them later. 

John gets back thinking everything is going to be okay, Sam tells him about her affair with Kyle that took place after Becky died. John can’t stand to look at her and tells her to go away. Then John gets a phone call from Darius who now considers John his enemy for going to EZ behind his back. 

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Complications Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

I lost my daughter. I watched her die, and I could do nothing. And I would give everything I have to trade places with you, to have a child who could be saved. So figure it out!


We both know that if I'm giving you life advice, you're in some real shit.