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About 11-months-ago, they were celebrating Becky’s birthday at a Hibachi grill but they won’t allow them to stay because of Becky’s oxygen tank. John threatens to burn the place to the ground if they don’t allow them to stay at the grill table.

Back in the present, Darius needs a wound check and meets Gretchen who refuses to be intimidated. 

Jed calls Gretchen and he needs money. She’s too busy to talk as she’s searching a gang riddled neighborhood looking for the late Sarita Cabrera’s little brother, Elio. She finds him with a neighbor who she suspects is abusing Elio. When she tries to take Elio they have to run. The gang members stop them and almost hurt Gretchen until Elio admits to his neighbor’s abuse. They beat the neighbor and promise to find Elio’s family. 

Bridget calls John to say she saw him dispose of a syringe in the PT department and she found an empty vile of morphine. John tries to cover.

Trying to finally get some sleep, the Detective from the Gang Unit stops by the house and takes him to the crime scene where CJ and Maurice were shot and then he brings him to the precinct where he interrogates him. The Detective accuses John of working for EZ’s gang. He wants John to be an informant and offers minimal jail time and the possibility of not losing his medical license. 

In order to cover, John says he has a substance abuse problem. That’s why he was in the park when Antoine was shot. He was looking to find drugs. That’s why he disappeared from the ER last night when Darius escaped. He was drug seeking. He even tells the detective to call Dr. Bridget O’Neill about his drug issues. 

Sam learns that John has been picked up by a detective from the Gang Unit and she heads to the precinct to find out what’s going on. She threatens the department with a law suit when they won’t let her see John. They let him go but the detective tells John he doesn’t buy his story about using drugs. John later tells Sam that this was all a misunderstanding. 

Jed calls Gretchen to say he’s in jail. He tried to sell medical records for money and got caught. Gretchen worries he’s going to turn her in. 

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Complications Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Gretchen: If you don't want to trust me, fine. Get gangrene and die.
Darius: That's alright. She's my kind of people.

Who do you think takes care of these people when they shoot each other over corners. I do, just like I do for cops and anyone else who walks into the ER. I'm just on the side that keeps everyone alive.