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14 months ago EZ took a deal and went to prison and left Darius in charge. 

John and Sam are lounging in bed when he gets a phone call from the hospital that they are getting mass casualties because of a gang shooting. John recognizes one of the victims as CJ, one of Darius crew, who was killed. Darius is also injured and he wants John’s help. When John tries to walk away, Darius threatens his family. 

John gets Gretchen to help find a patient named Maddox for Darius. Maddox says Spider is dead. Spider was supposed to stop the violence from happening tonight. Darius convinces John to help him escape police custody at the hospital so that he can leave and stop more shootings from happening. 

Bridget gets in between two rival gang members ends up with her shoulder dislocated. John puts it back in. 

Darius is bleeding so badly he doesn’t even make it out of the hospital. John finds him but he needs to remove the bullet from Darius leg. He enlists Gretchen’s help just as the police realize that Darius is missing. John does the surgery in the physical therapy room. Darius asks John to distract him from the pain and tell him about his toughest patient. John tells him about his daughter dying of cancer. He gives Darius the bullet from his leg and lets him go.

Bridget sees John disposing of a used syringe of morphine and is suspicious. 

Gretchen tries to help the young woman who did the shooting. Gretchen suspects she’s bleeding internally but the woman only wants to leave because her 7-year-old little brother is alone. The woman dies before surgery and before she can tell Gretchen where to find her brother. 

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Complications Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

(to Darius) I chose you because I need somebody smart when shit go cross-eyed.


They’re not gang members when they're in the hospital; they're patients.