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In a small town in Kentucky we meet Zachary, a preacher and snake handler. His father had been the town preacher and died recently during a worship service due to a snake bite. The man's church and his flock were passed on to his kin.

Though quite inexperienced, Zachary is determined to make his old man proud and follow in his footsteps. Unfortunately, that means handling poisonous snakes as well during his worship services. It isn't long before the young man is bit, but rather than die he's revived holding a mysterious object and with the power to heal.

The first man Zachary lays his hands on actually re-grows his amputated leg. The preacher is as shocked as his flock, as he's not only healing but delivering full blown miracles. However, all magic comes with a price and the healed soon morph into something evil.

Miles away in art class, Zed has a disturbing vision of snakes. It doesn't take John long to determine her visions are connected to their next case. That's right, our occult investigators set out to meet this preacher who performs miracles.

Once they arrive in Kentucky, John and Zed attend one of Zachary's worship services. John hears the man speak Enochian, the language of the angels. Something otherworldly is definitely going on here and he plans to get to the bottom of it.

After the service, our heroes wait in line to meet the personally with preacher. When Zed touches the man, she has a vision of an angels wings. She tells John she felt what he was feeling at the moment of death. His intentions are true and he's unquestioning in his faith.

Walking over to a nearby lake to find thousands of dead fish was all the proof required that something poisonous was a foot. John summons Manny.

Through his typical riddles, Manny leads John and Zed to an angel lying in a field. Imogen is her name and she is stranded on Earth. "I was taking a dying mortal to Heaven. I don't know how, but he pulled a feather from my wing. He was revived, I fell to Earth" she informs everyone.

Now we know what Zachary was holding in his hand when he was revived; an angels feather.

John attempts to take the feather from Zachary, but he's thrown back by some sort of protection. However, since Zed touched the preacher, she established a connection. John determines she might be able to retrieve the feather. After all, she has already gained his trust.

Zachary invites Zed to a baptism ceremony at the local lake, there she is able to get close enough to retrieve the feather. The healed attack and while Zed makes her way to Imogen, John and Zachary fight them off in the church.

During the attack, Zachary confesses to John he accidentally killed a man while driving. John now understands the preacher was headed to hell when he died; not Heaven. It isn't long before the infected return to normal. Zed had successfully replaced Imogen's feather.

John arrives at the barn to find the fallen angel in all her glory. She had intercepted Zachary at the gates of hell and made him believe he was entering Heaven. The fallen angel proves too strong for John and he pleads with Manny for assistance.

The rogue angel, who had remained neutral up to the point, rips Imogen's heart out of her chest. John locks it safely away at the mill house.

After failing to show up for their date, the model Zed had been painting calls her. She apologizes and they agree to meet some other time. However, Eddie has a stranger in the back seat who wants nothing more than to reunite Zed with her father.


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Constantine Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Constantine: You said snakes?
Zed: Yeah
Constantine: Our training is expanding your psychic awareness. You see there.
Zed: What Kentucky?
Constantine: Middle of bugger all. Seems a preacher was bit by a poisonous snake which explains your vision. He came back to life and started performing miracles. Now he's a bloody star.

Zed: I could feel him John. He was so close to death. I felt what he felt in that moment.
Constantine: An angel so you said. So you get any other sense of Zachary the great and powerful?
Zed: Well, he has good intentions and he's unquestioning in his faith.
Constantine: A bit boring, but okay. Let's say he's not the dark part of this equation.
Zed: Unless he's being manipulated. Blind faith can be a dangerous thing.
Constantine: Spoken from experience.