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The scry map begins to bleed, signaling out New York as the latest city affected by darkness.

John soon learns that several New Yorkers have mysteriously fallen into a coma and Chas' daughter is among them.

When they visit Geraldine at the hospital, John notices celestial burn marks on her lips. Those marks are only left behind when the soul departs the body. If this dark magic is not reversed quickly, the soul will be lost forever.

First, our heroes need more information. John, Zed and Chas pay Fennel, a medium, a quick visit. John was hoping they could channel Geraldine's soul via a séance and to get more information. However, the mage behind all this hijacks the séance killing Fennel in the process.

For those wondering how Chas manages to come back from the dead, we were given the answer this week.

Flashback to two years prior, we see a very drunk John Constantine cast a seemingly ridiculous protection spell over Chas. Later that night, a metal band hits the stage and their pyrotechnics get out of control burning the venue to the ground. This was the first time Chas neat death. He not only died in that fire, but he managed to collect the souls of all the other that died as well; 47 souls total.

Zed's vision leads our team to a cloaked warehouse. Inside, Felix Faust greets John and reveals himself as the troublemaker.

What Faust wants is fairly simple. In exchange for Geraldine's soul, John must defeat a soul sucking demon and send it back to hell. The beast has been draining Faust's supply and he can't have that.

John and Zed defeat the creature, but rather than send it back to hell, he kills it. Faust is not pleased and changes the terms of his deal.

By this time, Chas has had enough and takes matters into his own hands. He knocks John out and leaves him the cab.

Chas then strikes a deal with Faust, all his souls in exchange for his daughters. However, he had to prove more than one soul lived inside him, so he kills himself and returns. Faust is impressed and agrees to the deal.

Little does Faust realize, the true plan was to blow himself up taking Faust along with him. "we both die today, but only one of us is coming back" Chas says. Killing the mage rendered his magic useless, and the souls he captured were released.

Chas and his wife were thrilled to have their little girl back. All's well that ends well.

Meanwhile, Zed casually informs John that she saw his mother. The woman told her that her death was not John's fault.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Chas: You're the only one I trust with her John.
John: Well whatever this is mate we're in it with you alright. So, you want to tell us what happened?
Chas: I found her on the floor bleeding. We raced here I saw six other patients with the same symptoms. They're calling it a coma, but this isn't like any coma I've ever seen.

John: If you need to disappear, best place to do it is here.
Zed: All the protections you've used, they're not enough. He'll never stop searching for me.
John: You're yet to flinch in the face of the underworld. Why are you so afraid of a man from this one?
Zed: Because he's my father.