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After being shot and left as a sacrifice by Anne Marie, John decides to summon the demon, Pazuzu, into his body to fight off the Invunche.

Manny appears and tells John he's not at all pleased with this decision. He refuses to offer any more assistance leaving John to solve this mess.

Elsewhere, we catch up with Zed, who was kidnapped by her father's lackey. She manages to escape, but has a disturbing vision of Anne Marie crying tears of blood.

In the bowels of Mexico City, Chas locates a possessed John who shares all the details about Anne Marie's actions. Fortunately for John, there's an incubation period of two days before the demon moves in permanently.

Chas contacts Zed who makes her way to Mexico City. Since John has gone missing, Zed figures only Anne Marie can locate him using her gift.

Meanwhile, the demon feeling threatened by a group of gangbangers tears them to pieces leading to John's arrest. With time running out, this is not a convenient turn of events.

Anne Marie is reluctant to help at first, but Zed informs her that "John has Heaven on speed dial." Upon learning that John talks to an angel, Anne Marie has a change of heart. She locates John using by-location, and joins Chas and Zed's attempt to cast Pazuzu out.

They manage to sneak into the prison where John's being held. Thought they attempt an exorcism, another evil entity appears and interrupts the ritual. The defeat this new demon and decide that the Millhouse's magical energy might help during the exorcism. This is John's only hope.

Injecting John with a large amount of heroin manages to keep the demon dormant while they escape the prison and drive to the Millhouse.

As Anne Marie has the purest soul, John pleads with her to either perform the exorcism herself or kill him. The demon must be sent back to hell at all costs. It can not be released into the world.

During the ritual, Pazuzu taunts John's friends, attempting to use their own weaknesses against them. Once again, a very level-headed Zed convinces Anne Marie that the person she needs to forgive is herself. You see, Anne Marie continues to blame herself for turning John on to the occult.

Anne Marie taps into her strength and conviction, she finally sends Pazuzu back to hell and saves John.

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Constantine Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

John: I'm not ready to die.
Manny: Are you afraid of what's waiting for you?
John: No, I earned what I've got coming to me. I'm just... I have more work to do.
Manny: Then that makes this a crucible. And for the sake of the mortal realm, I hope you find what you need.

John: Anne Marie, she made it out alright then?
Chas: She seemed fine, question is what happened to you?
John: She's quick on her feet our girl. She used the copper's gun to leave me behind and stall a hungry Invunche.
Chas: Annie shot you?
John: A bloody nun, it's a new low. Can't say I didn't deserve it though.