Evil in Mexico City - Constantine
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In Mexico City, a loving couple welcomes a baby into the world. The nun present is Sister Anne Marie, another member of John's fateful Newcastle crew.

After the young woman is found ripped to pieces and her baby missing, Anne Marie contacts our occult detective via astral projection. "Something stole a baby. It killed the mother. It ripped into her" Anne Marie informs John.

She and John share quite a history, Anne Marie obviously grew to dislike him after the Newcastle incident. They were actually lovers in their youth and Anne Marie is the person responsible for introducing John to the occult scene. Still, Constantine owes her one and he's good at what he does so she reaches out to him.

Since Zed is having powerful visions after holding the fallen angels heart in her hand, John decides she should stay behind. Her drawing of the Ivunche probably spooked him as well.

John and Chas arrive in Mexico City and are surprised to learn Anne Marie is now a nun. After Newcastle, she dedicated herself to God in order to atone for her sins. Anne Marie shares the details of the murder and they set out to solve the case.

Back in Atlanta, Zed decides to meet up with the model, Eddie, for a few drinks. With one touch, Zed realizes this guy is not who he seems. She takes him back to the millhouse to question him. Eddie calls her by her real name, Mary and tells her Dad wants her home.

After using runes and an incantation to learn the identity of the demon and failing, John and Anne Marie dig up the mother's placenta. Apparently, it's a tradition in Mexico to bury it in the family's backyard. John notices the tree is full of bloody, fleshy fruit. When it begins to bleed, he understands this is a sign the baby is still alive. He also figures out the demon is one of Eve's sisters.

When a second baby goes missing, John connects the dots and quickly realizes this is a family curse.

At the millhouse, Zed finds herself face to face with others sent by her father. Eddie is killed by one of them and this man manages to sedate Zed. Why does her father want her back so badly?

Upon visiting Hugo's grandmother, they learn the brujeria - a group of prehistoric warlocks - is involved. John finally understand it's the brujeria that is also behind the mysterious Rising Darkness.

Our heroes lure the female demon, Lamashtu, by offering her an enchanted chicken filled with Hugo's blood. Lamashtu is easily fooled and rushes off with the enchanted bird. She leads John, Chas and Anne Marie into the sewers and straight to missing babies.

When John threatens to kill one of the babies, a helpless Lamashtu confirms the brujeria have learned how to break the boundary between Hell and Earth. John invokes the demon Pazuzu, Lamashtu's enemy to take her down.

Then as they're preparing to leave the sewers, an Ivunche comes out of nowhere. Anne Marie makes the difficult decision to shoot John and leave him behind as a sacrifice. This will buy her some time to escape with the child. How will John survive?


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Constantine Season 1 Episode 8 Quotes

Anne Marie: Something stole a baby. It killed the mother. It ripped into her.
Zed: What just happened?
Constantine: I told you she's not here. Ripped how? Teeth or claws? This thing have fangs, fur?
Anne Marie: I don't know.
Constantine: Then how do you know there's not a mortal explanation?
Anne Marie: I wish it had been human. I would have gone to someone else for help. Anyone else.
Constantine: And what's stopping you? There's plenty of occult experts in Mexico.
Anne Marie: They don't owe me, you do.

Constantine: Come on love, you're skipping all the juicy parts.
Anne Marie: No, I told you exactly what I saw.
Constantine: You can't just sit there in a bloody nun's habit and pretend we don't have nothing to cover. I always figured that one of us would flee to Mexico, but I thought there'd be tequila involved; or skinny dipping.
Anne Marie: More jokes. That's incredible; that what happened to Astra didn't change you at all.