Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 9 online to learn exactly what John's forced to do in order to fight off the Invunche's attack. Chas, Zed and Anne Marie attempt an exorcism to save John's soul.

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Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 9 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you finally learn what happens to John after Anne Marie shot him and left him for dead. Having recently summoned the demon, Pazuzu, to defeat Lamashtu, he allows the evil entity into his body to fight off the Invunche. Probably not the best idea, but John was desperate and running out of options. The angel, Manny, was not pleased by John's decision. He refuses to interfere and leaves John to his own devices. Zed manages to escape her father's henchman, but not before having a disturbing vision of Anne Marie crying tears of blood. Back in Mexico City, Chas enters to tunnels and locates John who tells him the truth about what Anne Marie did. Luckily, there's a sort of incubation period before the demon takes over John's body permanently. The team has two days to cast the demon out. Zed makes her way to Mexico to join Chas and they decide Anne Marie can use her gift to locate John. Meanwhile, the demon's gone on a rampage and ripped a group of gangbangers to shreds. When Anne Marie learns that John's got his own guardian angel, she has a change of heart. "John has Heaven on speed dial" Zed tells the nun. Anne Marie not only locates John using by-location, but she joins the fight to save his soul. The trio sneak into the prison where John's being held and attempt an exorcism. Another nasty demon appears and interrupts the ritual. Eventually, the team decides that taking John back to the Millhouse is the best option. They use an insane amount of heroin to keep the demon at bay and escape the prison. John pleads with Anne Marie to either perform the ritual or kill him. Pazuzu can not be released into the world. During the proceedings the demon taunts John's friends, hurling insult after insult. Once again, Zed manages to convince Anne Marie that although she's forgiven John, she has to forgive herself. Anne Marie blames herself for this day for turning John on to the supernatural. The nun taps into her strength and conviction casting Pazuzu back to hell. John and Anne Marie make peace. The nun warns Zed to either leave, or share her secret with John.

Episode Details

On Constantine Season 1 Episode 9, John summons a demon into himself in order to stop the Invunche's attack while his friends race to save his soul.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0 (27 Votes)
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 9 Quotes

John: I'm not ready to die.
Manny: Are you afraid of what's waiting for you?
John: No, I earned what I've got coming to me. I'm just... I have more work to do.
Manny: Then that makes this a crucible. And for the sake of the mortal realm, I hope you find what you need.

John: Anne Marie, she made it out alright then?
Chas: She seemed fine, question is what happened to you?
John: She's quick on her feet our girl. She used the copper's gun to leave me behind and stall a hungry Invunche.
Chas: Annie shot you?
John: A bloody nun, it's a new low. Can't say I didn't deserve it though.