Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 13 online to learn the truth about "the man" and his child brides. John, Zed and Jim work to save his latest victim from her wedding night.

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Watch Constantine Season 1 Episode 13 online right now and right here via TV Fanatic. We offer an array of options, all of which will allow you to join John, Zed and Jim Corrigan as they track down a killer of young girls. Young Vesta snuck out of her house after a fight with her mother. At an abandoned carnival, she comes across three girls in wedding dresses. The girls tell Vesta they're married to "the man," and he lets them do whatever they want. When she asks to see their wedding rings, the girls reveal red rope marks around their necks. Still, Vesta decides to follow them home. Detective Jim Corrigan asks Constantine for help with a case. He and Zed head to New Orleans, where we learn Jim is working the case of the missing girls. Photographic evidence proves the girls were taken by a Satanist. The previous detective on the case had been mummified and the trio visit his corpse for more answers. Suddenly, it sits up and Gary Lester begins speaking through it. He warns John there's a bounty on his head and we soon learn Papa Midnite plans to collect. At Vesta's house, John grabs her toothbrush and hair from a brush. He proceeds to smash a lamp then shoves his finger in socket. "Tibetans call it piercing the veil" John tells his friends. This trick allowed him to see through Vesta's eyes. He now knows where she was taken from. Papa Midnite sends a voodoo zombie after John, but when the creature fails he decides to take matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Zed continued having flashes of Jim's death, complete with that green "Spectre" aura surrounding him. She forced herself to have a vision of the killer, complete with his home address. However, when our heroes arrived, "the man" and his young brides were somewhere else. John and Papa Midnite face off, and John manages to get the upper hand using a glamor spell. John, Zed and Jim eventually catch up with "the man," save Vesta and he frees the souls of the young victims. John convinces Jim this monster didn't deserve a chance to do this all over again. Jim frees "the man," but shoots him soon after. Zed comes clean with Jim about her visions, he seemed to take it well saying "I guess I just think what's meant to be will be" and kissing her. Time freezes as Papa Midnight is sitting in a police car waiting to be taken to jail. Manny appears and cancels the price on John's head confessing to Midnight that the brujeria work for him.

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On Constantine Season 1 Episode 13, Detective Jim Corrigan asks for help finding a missing girl which leads John and Zed to New Orleans.

Rating: 4.7 / 5.0 (32 Votes)
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Constantine Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

John: The girls were taken by a Satanist.
Zed: Why? What does he want them for?
John: A full moon symbolizes rebirth, but the blood moon most likely sacrifices to usher in the new cycle.

Amberly: Are you lonely?
Vesta: I snuck out of the house. Me and my momma was arguing again. How come ya'll are out so late.
Caroline: He lets us do whatever we want.
Vesta: Who does?
Waynetta: The man.
Amberly: We're married to him; all of us.