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On the season 3 finale, Kiera teams up with the Liber8 to stop a dangerous technology from being unleashed. 

Brad is in his time, looking at the bombed out ruins of their city. Guest star Ty Olsson is his commander. Brad is on the mission list. The misson brief? Clean and fire, burn all timers, neutralize the zealots, help stabilize the insurgents.

Brad's commander gives him the weapon. The Hail Mary now has a Hail Mary. The big boss? An elderly Kellog.

Now, Kiera and Brad are talking about themselves and Sam and undertanding each other.

Alec and Emily are making plans. Bullets sour through the window.

CAlec is practicing his Halo speech. He screws it up. Kellog says he gets one shot because he's a punching bag in the news.

CAlec's assistant tells him the message has been delivered and she's uncomfortable with what they're doing. CAlec inquires about casualties and says it's exactly her job.

Kellog approaches Carlos for extra protection for Alec's keynote. Carlos laughs. Kellog threatens with pulling funds.

As Alec, Emily, Jason, Kiera and Brad discuss how upended CAlec is, they say they need a gameplan and they need help. Kiera turns to Travis.

Kiera and Travis go to Garza. She takes them to Lucas -- whatever this is, he is in!

Kiera tells the remaining Liber8 members that they will never be friends and she doesn't condone their tactics, but she was asleep and now she's awake. They all want the same thing.

The beacon Brad brought with him sends a signal marking a point in time that is critical nexus point in change. His orders were plant the beacon so that steps can be taken to influence that point in history and prohibit anyone else from doing the same.

The only way to know that they have succeeded is to plant the beacon and for nothing to happen, preventing all of their future timelines. They can all live out their lives and commit to this time and this new history. If CAlec launches Halo, it changes everything going forward. They only get one shot.

Health and lifestyle oracle, peace of mind within reach -- and the audience is full of young people. Don't think so.

Liber8 grabs the video feed and throws CAlec off his game. Garza takes two shots but doesn't hit him

Protocal requires CAlec be taken out via elevator, which sends a fog into the shaft. Emily is arrested, Garza escapes and Carlos finds CAlec.

Kiera is on top of the elevator shaft. The CAlec that has been taken off is actually our Alec. Garza knocks and gives the all clear.

With Alec inside, Lucas shuts down everything. CAlec's assistant makes a call.

Alec can't find the device, and Kiera tells him if he can't to go ahead and destroy the anti-matter lab.

Alec destroys the lab and Carlos drives off with an angry CAlec. CAlec has a chip in his Halo and his men find them.

Alec finds the Toblerone Orange Time Device but one piece doesn't fit. CAlec runs in and Alec runs out. Lucas helps Alec find his way out. Kiera, Travis and Garza are walking, in slow motion, toward Piron. The Alecs fight as the trio come to them. Both Alecs are bloodied and have pieces of the Toblerone. It's nearly impossible to tell who has what as they're both sporting black hoodies. The Alec meet on the roof and, who would have guessed, it's a pretty equal match. Garza and Kiera reach the top and take down some guards, looking for Alec. One is strangling the other and I realize that the reason they're dressed alike is so we lose track. It sems as if Alec is strangling CAlec. He grabs the large Toberlone piece and jams it into CAlec's neck. He says her future dies with him. Kiera is confused about who is left. Alec says even in the cage, he knew she'd come for him. She chose him to make a better future than hers. They hug and Alec says he's sorry.

Kiera removes the tracking device from CAlec and puts it into Alec. It's his company and it's time he did something good with his birthright. Alec tells her to let Emily know he'll find her. Kiera says she knows he will do the right thing.

Alec tells his assistant that they dodged a bullet. There is work to be done.

Carlos asks Kiera bout Liber8. She says it's complicated.

Garza, Travis and Lucas go to the Freelancers' lair and find a destroyed time machine. Garza is glad.

Kiera finds Brad. She says with CAlec dead, his future can't happen. He wants to believe it. Brad wonders if she wants proof. Kiera says she doesn't need proof and she thinks that's the point. Brad sets the beacon anyway.

Something happens with the beacon, but they don't know what. They assume it's a good sign.

CAlec signed documents for Kellog to take over the business. Alec has no rights left. It appears to be Brad's future after all.

As Kiera and Brad walk off, wondering what the future will hold, the city lights go out. The "traveler" tells Curtis, "It has begun." I think. A small militia of robots appears in front of Kiera and Brad. What do they do? Run.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Kiera: I just feel like I have this bizarre perspective that nobody will ever understand. Except you.
Brad: It's like we're two sides of the same argument.
Kiera: The genius is not to have the argument.

For the first time in a long time, he feels closer. But I feel like I belong here. Sam is part of a dream I had. And the funny thing is, even with Liber8 trying to destroy everything that lead to him, somehow he still feels possible.