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Can Kiera trust the Freelancers? That's one of the main questions at the center of the Continuum Season 3 premiere.

In her glass case, Kiera realizes something is going on when one of the Freelancers she killed last season is standing before her -- Curtis Chen.

Alec is one week earlier in time, banged up. Kiera tells Chen he went back to save Emily.

A week ago, Jason spots Alec on the street, where he is watching FauxAlec walking with a living Emily.

The Freelancers explain to Kiera who they really are. They are not from the future and are guardians of the timeline. 

Alec erased himself from the timeline when he left.  The Freelancers and Kiera are on the same side now.

A week ago, back at FAuxAlec's lair, Kellog is there and thinks Alec isn't "himself."

Kiera and Garza overpower their guards in the stairway and make an escape attempt.

A week ago, Alec runs into Emily in the street. Struck with her living self he sweeps her into a kiss. 

A week ago, Alec tells Emily they should go to Thailand and she says she needs to tell him something. He stops her.

A week ago, Alec is certain everything is going to work, then thinks of Kiera.

In the other timeline, Kiera and Garza work well as a team and decide to trust each other. It gets Garza killed.

Chen and Kiera are fighting as a massive storm overtakes the city. The timeline is starting to collapse.

Kiera discovers there will be two of her in the other timeline if she goes back, as well as two Alecs.

Catherine gives Kiera a suit and a giant version of the little time ball and she goes back in time.

A week ago, Kellog meets with Esher and after talking about their mutual interests, walks away with a happy face.

A week ago, Escher is shot where he sits, a hooded person walks away, dumping a gun. It's Emily.

Now the old timeline is gone, because Kiera has left and it destroyed itself. The first thing Kiera does is free a living Garza, after recounting to her the story she shared about being outflanked with an old team and being the only one left alive. 

Kiera surrenders and is taken to Catherine, sharing how they met in another timeline. She can show her using the dots between her fingers that were authenticated by Catherine.

Two Alec Sadlers means two possible futures and Kiera needs to determine which one will bring about the right future.

Alec is getting passports and packing to take Emily to Thailand. He moves toward the stairs and sees Kiera dead in the stairwell, a bullet through the head.

Alec apologizes to Kiera and then Kiera shows up behind him. Our Kiera. Alec has no idea what the hell is happening.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Soon you'll know everything I know. Soon you'll see the battlefield for the first time.


You can't escape your fate, Kiera.