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Kiera struggles to investigate the two Alecs who are in one timeline.

2067 – Kiera is with her mother and perhaps her sister after her father dies. She’s sporting a short, dark hairdo. A young girl finds contraband media in the closet and a man there doing inventory tells her they are all in a world of trouble.

Present day Kiera asks Alec who killed her. She tells him that lets her know which one he is. Dead Kiera had just gotten the pieces of the time ball.

Kiera shows Alec her Freelancer tattoo. He’s not the only one who had to make a deal with the devil. She has to get rid of one Alec Sadler. It might as well be him.

A lawyer meets with the mayor elect at a party about Liber8 and their plans for him. He doesn’t seem impressed.

Kiera shows Carlos his dead Kiera. He asks for his help getting rid of her. Carlos asks if this has something to do with Escher’s murder. Kiera tells Alec that he changed everything. Carlos asks if which Kiera is the one he’s been working with, which is his friend.

Kiera is at work and Current Alec calls her. He notices things have been moved and a time travel slice is missing. He also cannot contact her suit. As they hang up, he notices blood where her body was as well as the time travel slices under a cart.

Mayor elect Martin goes to the precinct to get immunity in exchange for Liber8 information. Dillon wants a taste of what he has to offer before he deals.

Kiera tells Alec she and FauxAlex have something they don’t have – trust. Then she goes over to lie to him. While she’s there he get the DNA results from the test with Jason and thinks Jason is his father.

Garza meets up with Travis.

Alec is at Jason’s when Current Alec shows up with the news that he knows Jason is his father. Jason tells him he’s not his father.

Alec catches Emily outside and steers her clear of Jason’s promising to tell her everything one day.

Kiera narrows down a list of her own murder suspects when Kellog isn’t surprised to see her.

Garza tells Travis they don’t have to worry about the Freelancers. Travis is working with Sonya.

Martin tells Dillon his relationship with Piron is just like his with Liber8.

Kiera tells Kellog he murdered Alec’s father and to stay away from Alec because their business arrangement is going to get a bit difficult. He surprises her by asking which one.

Martin uses an ambulance to get to his appointment but it’s called to an emergency – by Travis. Travis has him make a statement on Liber8’s website.

Carlos asks which Alec is which and tells him that nobody is immune from making bad decisions no matter what timeline they’re from.

The Alecs admire each others handiwork but are really blown away at Betty’s, which includes a bit of suspicion.

Dillon lets Martin go since Liber8 essentially let him commit political suicide.

Kellog pulls in Emily when he tells her she murdered Alec’s father. Alec tells Kiera he is out of the family business. He’s not going to help her any longer.

Current Alec wants to be alone and Emily leaves.

Carlos is sitting in a bar with a drink thinking of his Kiera’s body in the trunk.

A gunshot rings out from Martin’s car.


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Continuum Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Kiera: You destroyed everything. My family may never exist now, thanks to you.
Alec: I know. I know and I’m sorry.

When someone travels back in time to a time when they have existed, they will run into themselves. And it causes problems.