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Working without much help from Carlos, Kiera investigates a group of brilliant students using cutting edge technology to commit crime. 

Kiera is hiding in a hoodie while people undergo citizenship extraction. It's a horrible thing.

A man wakes up, not knowing who he is. He has been in a coma. He doesn't know his name and learns it's common when you've been out almost two months. He remembers the name Cameron, Kiera Cameron.

Kiera, Dillon and Carlos return from Betty's funeral. Carlos wants to put finding her killer on the fast burner, but Dillon says it won't happen. He had to work very hard to get her buried with honors. 

The man who remembered Kiera asks for her and she goes to the hospital. He tells her they are connected, somehow.

Carlos brings in Alec (still Current Alec, as Future Alec is in the glass box) to see dead Kiera. Alec cries, and Carlos expresses his concern for those whoa re not originals.

A young man, adept at tight rope walking, building scaling and breaking into places, gets into Hyper Stealth and steals a silver material. Seriously, the kid has to be with cirque de soleil or something. The material? Cloaks your existence.

Now that Alec knows about Kiera, he's more than reluctant to help her.

Kellog sues Alec. Their deal gave him 49% of everything that comes out of his brain and he's betting on SadTech.

Dillon gives Kiera and Carlos the invisible cloak suit.

Jason wants people to wear a giant patch in the back of their heads in order for the bracelet for Halo to work.

Several of Alec's employees left to work for Kellog at SadTech and his right hand tells him that nobody understands his vision. He asks Jason if he can really do this -- yes, but it won't be widely available for 9 years.

Kiera works with the stranger to discover who he is. He has a hotel room and inside is a book called 2071. He thinks he's cheap and stupid. He has faded in on his wrist.

The cirque de soleil kid cloaks himself to get into Piron and steal a Halo device.

The stranger remembers the city, but it was shelled out ruins. He tells Kiera it might sound crazy, but it's as if he's not of this place and not of this time.

Kiera notices Alec is a little more arrogant than usual, but when she asks Carlos he doesn't tell her what he did.

Kiera brings the stranger into her confidence. She tells him she's from the future, even though he doesn't believe it. She trusts him for some reason, and invites him to stay on her couch.

He keeps calling her Kiera Cameron in the hopes that it will trigger something.

Alec tells Dillon and Carlos that people are listening all the time. Dillon covers the video feed on his computer and we see the dude who killed Betty has been watching. Lucas has been watching Carlos and he calls Carlos because they both want Betty's killer to go down so he's giving Carlos a freebie.

Kiera says being where she is now has clarified what she believes. As they are walking out of a building, Curtis ambles up. He attacks Kiera and Kiera goes down. 

Alec pays off Kellog.

Carlos wants to investigate a place without Dillon's consent behind his back without a warrant on the advice of Liberate. Kiera says he's chosen sides.

Kiera finds a dog tag like item in the stranger's bag. She discovers it has video on it of he and his family. He wonders again who he is.

A good doctor is taking away the citizenship chips. Her superior wants her to book everyone, even if they've not done anything yet. She just never imagined that people would want to give up their citizenship, their identity.

Alec goes to dead Kiera and drills a giant, peaches can sized hole into the back of her head to get her CPS unit.






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Continuum Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Citizenship Extractor: You are aware that citizenship extraction renders your birth certification and citizenship null and void?
Citizen: I'm aware.
Citizenship Extractor: Extend your arm through the indicators and bite down on the sanitized bit. Scan your wrist to accept the release. Please hold still. This may sting a bit. [Citizen screams in agony] Once extracted please toss your bit into the receptacle.

Alec: Two of me. Two of her?
Carlos: Yep.
Alec: She lied to me. She swore she told me everything, but she still lied.
Carlos: You and me? We're originals. She was an original. But the other two? I don't know man. They're them, but their not at the same time, ya know?