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Now knowing everything about time travel, Carlos can no longer focus on his work. 

In the future Kiera is fighting and she's told to murder an informant. Her system is overridden and she does it.

Kiera talks with Catherine about whether or not Curtis might want her dead.

Lucas escapes from prison.

Kiera tries to assure Carlos that she's the person he knows.

Current Alec discovers Escher was his father at the reading of his will. Escher left controlling interest of Piron to Alec and a woman to help him navigate retaining that interest despite what the board will desire.

At the atopsy the coroner offers Kiera Pop Rocks.

Kiera tells Current Alec that there were drones in the future, but Liber8 hacked them and they all needed to be destroyed.

When Current Alec tells Kiera that he inherited Piron, she's surprised. He suggests selling it since in the future they were two different entities, but she tells him not to make any decisions today.

Liber8 kidnaps two men and then they do horrific surgery on one while he appears to be awake.

Emily shows up and Kiera is happy to see her. Alec is not. He doesn't want her to touch him after wondering if Emily knew Escher was his father.

Future Alec gets to Emily in the street and tells her he is from the future and he risked everything for her love. She doesn't believe him until she sees Current Alec in the street. Future Alec allows her to make the decision on what to do about two Alecs.

Current Alec tells Emily he understands, but he doesn't know if he can trust her again. They'll talk again when he has a clear head.

To clear his head Current Alec goes to Escher's office. He sits in his chair, but it doesn't seem right. He's then shown some of what he inherited at Piron. Genetics, defense technology and the office his father imagined him taking one day.

When Kiera goes into the vault during a Liber8 bank robbery, her suit sends interference to the Liber8 video feed.

Liber8 has put some sort of robotics into unwitting citizens and they're controlling them like robots.

While Carlos is beating the crap out of a policeman/terrorist, Kiera finds the item Liber8 was after on the floor.

Catherine thinks the technology could be from a different timeline.

Travis is not pleased with Lucas turning men into things (human bombs)

Current Alec has a change of heart about his inheritance and Kiera wants to reconnect her CMR.

Current Alec finds out about Emily being Maya Hartwell the hard way -- by viewing her criminal records on Escher's computer.

Future Alec tells Kiera it's better if he doesn't know.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

It feels like the future I come from started here.


Kiera: These robberies started after Lucas escaped. What does he bring to the party that nobody else does?
Carlos: The crazy.