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The stranger is having a nightmare. He has broken a necklace. He's remembering. The towers should be dark. Why? He recites poetry. Because it's dangerous.

Alec has figured out the secret to the HALO. It needed to be cloned, not made. He says it's revolutionary and Jason reminds him it was created in 2028. Jason uses the dad card to be the first to test it and we're reminded of who sent him to daddy -- Kellog.

Carlos discovers dead Kiera is gone.

Dillon is recalling the day Betty was hired. He tells Kiera that he knows in his bones they're not doing everything they can to catch Liber8. He admits he did something terrible. He's crying. Christine was released last week and he can't get to her. He wants her clear now and he doesn't care what Kiera does to achieve it.

Kiera has information on what pharmaceutical companies are left on Liber8's list and has a specific one in mind as their next target -- they find the cure to the common cold. Gautuma. They're headiBeing proactive, Kiera goes through the list of corporations that benefit in the future and who might be targets of Liber8 in the present. She discovers one particular pharmaceutical company, Gautuma, that she knows for certain will be a major force in the GCC. They were responsible for curing the common cold, among other things.

When Dillon tearfully goes to Kiera about what he did to his daughter Christine, they make a pact that there will be no more Bettys -- or no more deaths at the hands of their attempt to bring down Liber8. Kiera finds Christine has been drafted by Liber8 and is working at Gautuma.

All of this information cascades, leading to the realization that Gautuma is creating a cure for Alzheimers, but they're using a highly addictive street drug to do it. You know things have gone terribly wrong when Dillon decides they must continue their research because of all the people they could potentially help, Christine be damned. Kiera is now wed to the idea of no more Bettys and really isn't keen on the idea of an addictive cure to Alzheimers.

By stopping Gautuma, Kiera is playing the same hand of cards that Liber8 is dealing. Kiera no longer agrees with the future she was dealt and is actively seeking change, even if it puts her in the same camp that she once fought against so diligently.

Alec's desires to propel him into the future before he's ready to be there don't go off as planned, either. Utilizing the CMR from dead Kiera, he makes HALO work. You need to use cloned genetic material, not manmade, in order to get the appropriate effect. Jason volunteers to be the first to use it, and it clears his mind. His quirky personality is transformed, making him appear "normal." We soon learn that's not all it's cracked up to be as he experiences side effects that affect his ability to draw and make him very angry.

News of Alec's forward thinking gets out to what must be the pre-GCC and they want him to slow the hell down. They obviously have a timeline for taking over the world, and he's surpassing it in some way. In comes Kellog. ng into trials for Alzheimer's.

Alec gets his messages and tells the machine to delete all of those from Carlos before he listens. Jason comes in and he's feeling fantastic with HALO. It's "helped" him and has cleared his mind.

Christine has a new name, that of a Liber8 martyr who died before they were sent back. She's working in Gautuma. Carlos is not happy that Dillon wants to blow the best lead they've had in months, even if it is his kid.

Alec finally calls Carlos. He's planning a proper goodbye for dead Kiera. He doesn't tell Carlos what he did.

Alec is called to a dark conference room. A group of men who have been tracking Alec's work at Piron tell him to "slow his roll."

Kiera meets with Kellog. He's a big investor in Gautuma and she tries to determine if he has information. He doesn't let on.

Stranger wants to use the electronic dog tag to try to figure out his past, but Kiera won't let him because it might trigger something leading baddies to him.

Christine is picked up by Sonya in the rain.

Kiera tells stranger how she clung to the memories of her son Sam when she first got there. She thought being her might be putting Sam in danger, but now thinks she might be protecting him. Kiera touches his arm and there is a key in cuff, to a safety deposit box.

Kellog tells Alec if he wants HALO to work it has to be more than a product. It has to align with people's social values in a completely new and revolutionary way.

Sonya thought there would be more outrage with what they're doing to corporations, but the corporations turning everything to their advantage is not what she expected. She thinks they need a leader. Julian shows her what he's been working on and then Alec shows up.

Carlos visits Gautuma and Kiera uses her suit to take some samples from their lab.

Alec offers Julian the position of Vice President of Social Responsibility. Alec tells Julian to stop talking change and start making it. Having a corporation working for you can be very useful Alec tells Julian.

Sonya and Christine are reading Julian's manifesto. Sonya says it's Theseus. Julian replies, it's me.

Catherine summons Kiera and Kiera wants to device she brought to Catherine. Catherine says anything of unknown providence must remain in their custody. Kiera says she will look at it there, and the stop her from moving, showing the limits of their "partnership."

Catherine asks who her visitor is and says approximately 11 weeks ago they noticed severeal temporal changes. Kiera says nothing.

Dillon decides to keep his daughter in play because of the Alzheimer's drug Gautuma is working on even though it uses Flash, an addictive street drug that is extremely dangerous. Dillon says it's not their job to do Liber8's work. Kiera is disgusted.

Kellog visits Kiera and brings her a bottle of wine. She shows him something and he says he guesses he better sell his Gautuma stock. Stranger walks through and Kellog just says hello. Before leaving, he grabs his bottle of wine.

Stranger has a vague memory that Matthew Kellog is a big deal. He doesn't know Alec Sadler.

Carlos confirms with Kiera that the drug Gautuma is using is Flash.

Kellog meets with Sonya. The Protector delivered. Gautuma is going to have a terrible quarter.

Jason is drawing and getting extremely angry. It appears HALO is having a negative affect on him.

Alec is looking through dead Kiera's CMR and sees it's the stranger who shot Kiera.

Kiera takes Christine back to Dillon. Christine thinks she let Dillon down, but he says that's not possible.

Alec calls Kiera and says he needs to see her. He asks if he's coming to the send off, or the service for the other her. She asks Carlos if there is someplace they need to be.

They show up in Escher's anti-matter lab. Alec is not in his suit, because dead Kiera didn't know him like that. Carlos looks at his friend, but Kiera looks away. Alec uses part of the time device to send Kiera away.

Just before Alec sends dead Kiera into time, she notices that her CMR was missing. Alec cruelly says the Alec Sadler she met two years ago is dead. Dead Kiera wasn't using her CMR and technically he created it, so... Kiera tells him to spit out what he needed to say because she can't even stand to look at him right now. He chooses not to tell her who killed her and Kiera says goodbye.

Kiera decided to give the stranger the Alzheimer's drug. It's delivered through the eye. He spasms. He saw his name. Brad Tonkin. He's a field commander in the Cowichan River militia militia. His wife is Melinda and his daughter is Elenia and he knows why he came back. It's a one way trip. He tells her that her dream to get back to Sam is a lie. They're dead. He watched his wife and his baby die again, just like he did the first time. They are both crying. He also knows why he lived. He volunteered.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Dillon: Cameron. No more Bettys.
Kiera: No more Bettys.

I did something terrible. I pushed Christine out there as bait.