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Kiera is forced to deal with some uncomfortable truths while Alec handles the pressures of his new role at Piron and with a revelation made by Carlos.

Kiera has memories of her mother in her new apartment.

Julian and Dillon appear on Firing Point. Dillon is touting the Piron initiative for a private police force. Julian says they won't need to answer to the citizens.

Curtis calls Kiera. He tell she has had so many opportunities but so little insight and he aims to fix it.

Fermitas executives are attacked in their conference room when a noxious substance is released.

CAlec is trying to get the Piron board to buy into HALO, a CDC-like device that monitors health. When he asks his Chairman to try it on, he discovers trace elements of colon cancer. He thought he was in remission. They move to start development immediately.

Dillon is impressed with CAlec's guts -- it was all a ruse. HALO isn't active and he guessed at the recurrence of colon cancer.

Carlos has been tasked on a Sonmanto whistle blower case and Dillon works the Fermitas attack.

Kellog suggests that Jason go to CAlec at Piron and gives him a makeover.

Kiera and Dillon reactivate Betty to reach out to Lucas and Kiera asks for her help in discovering what Curtis might be up to -- Betty is surprised he's alive. She decides to outsource it to keep her cover.

Curtis sneaks up on Kellog. He assures Kellog the dead one.

Julian is working at Firing Point. Carlos goes to him to find out if he know a girl connected to Sonmanto.

Kiera reaches out to CAlec with help on the Fermitas act.

Jason is familiar with HALO. CAlec asks him to help with the project. Kellog has rigged Jason's glasses with video.

While checking on Betty's intel, Kiera finds a guy as his house blows up.

Carlos shows up at Adele the whistle blower's house and Julian is there. He is working with her on Sonmanto. Carlos wonders why Adele turned to Julian. Because he isn't owned by anyone.

The guy who blew up the house is beat up by Garza and taken in. Once he's there he plants something inside the precinct.

Adele and Carlos are acquainted.

Julian and Dana argue. He's not under contract so he can run off. Her? Not so much.

Garza assures Kiera that Liber8 is not behind Fermitas.

Julian tells Carlos that everything Adele had was a honeypot... she was mant to find it. He wakes up and she's gone; lipstick note on the mirror. Julian is disgusted.

Kiera doesn't like Piron infiltrating the police station and asks Betty to find out who is framing Liber8. Betty cannot believe Kiera is researching it, switching course.

Betty finds Liber8 chat room intel coming from the jail. Kiera tells him and Dillon barely flinches.

Dillon freaks out at Cameron to prove that ex-Seal Nealon is a Sonmanto plant. It spooks Betty because she wants Dillon on her side. She wants to stop her inquest.

CAlec realizes while talking with Kiera that Sonmanto might have been in on the Fermitas attack.

Garza stops Julian on the street. She tells him to toughen up so people can hear the thesis of Theseus. He gets in the car.

The fake whistle blower gives Sonmanto immunity against what they did to Fermitas. Carlos and Kiera decide to play to Dillon to see whether or not he knew about the Sonmanto attack ahead of time. He fails.

Betty is paroled and she goes out for drinks with Carlos and Kiera.

Betty gets the word that she can talk to someone. She wants to go alone. Nealon comes from the alley and shoots Elton and Betty, killing them both.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Kiera: This is serious.
Samantha: I agree. You're not the only one who gets to take a leap for what she believes in. People should have the freedom to move, to think for themselves, to chase ridiculous dreams if that's what they want. ARREST ME!
Kiera: She's done nothing wrong.
CPS: She's here, isn't she?
Samantha: Kiera, you wanna be become this? Be rebellious in another way.
Kiera: I am not rebelling.
Samantha: Against me darlin'? Oh yes. Yes you are. It's OK to be wrong, but eventually you gotta own up. You're strong, baby, but that's not everything. I love you!

Kiera: Mom? What are you doing here?
Samantha: Standing up for something.