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Carlos wants to take control of VPD from Piron and Dillon and he gets help from an unlikely, but deadly, ally.

Three months ago a black cloaked figure brought Curtis back to life in the Freelancers' lair.

Catherine the 'Cell Keeper' tells Curtis he was brought back. He was 'merged' by the technology inside of "him." Agent Warren serves the Freelancers now.

Alec is being oxygen deprived as a means of torture. He's a loose end and Catherine made Kiera a promise. He's give Catherine GPS coordinates.

Julian walks up on Sonya shooting up. It's not what she thinks. Her new goal is to stop Halo from going viral. She wants Julian's help.

Kiera tells Catherine that she gave her the wrong Alec. Catherine is listening to the cloaked man. She wants to trade her Alec for CAlec with Brad Tonkin to sweeten the deal. She calls him a soldier from the alternate future Alec created.

Julian delivers a Halo device to Sonya but she tells him to beat it afterward.

People want to buy Halo from the black market it's become so popular.

Curtis meets with Kellog about the cloaked man. It seems everyone knows about him but me.

Kiera goes into Dillon's office and he has completely assembled a Toblerone Orange Time Device. The Freelancers are alerted.

Lucas discovers the longer you wear a Halo bracelet the stronger the connection between the wearer and their brain.

Lucas can download a virus. Sonya doesn't want people to get hurt, but Lucas suggests laoding it with fear instead. He give Sonya an example and she freaks out.

Dillon is on his way to Piron and Carlos joins him. Kiera and Brad load up with weapons -- Brad's a little more traditional than what Kiera is used to using.

Lucas and Sonya meet in front of the future location of Sadtech. They talk about how easy it seemed to press the reset. He offers to escape to a little place up north.

Carlos and Dillon arrive at Piron just after Sonya walks into the building. Dillon wants to show Carlos new crowd control technology, the safest thing he's ever seen.

Kiera and Brad get past two guards at the Lair but are met with four more. They turn out to be quite a formidable fighting duo, but it's rough going.

Catherine is with the cloaked guy, who is uncloaked and sporting dreadlocks.

Sonya flirts with the guy wearing a Halo and manning the computers. She uploads the virus with the promise of a quadruple Americano.

Kiera goes to Alec and tells him she was wrong. He says to get him out of there and then go to hell. He's not quite up on the current state of things.

Carlos abandons Dillon at CAlec's door.

Brad retrieves the object from the safety deposit box and is met by Curtis who believed in him. He says he's not the only one and they battle. Fire extinguisher wins.

Sonya tells Julian the low-down about time travel. She tell shim to please be the leader she knew him to be and he asks how many people kills -- thousands.

CAlec shows Dillon the crowd protection portion of Halo -- it sends endorphin to calm a riot.

Carlos collars Sonya and Dillon wants to shoot her.

Kiera tells Alec he's not innocent. He has jerked her chain in every timeline and destroyed her chance to get back to her family.

When Catherine gives the order to shoot Alec or Kiera, Brad shoots Dillon and Agent Warren. Kiera leaves without meeting "The Traveler." Curtis comes up from behind and kills Catherine.

Alec wants to go north, Brad will take him.

Curtis gets the keys from Catherine to free The Traveler or whoever he is.

Carlos is prepared to accept the blowback from the Sonya situation, whatever it may be.

Sonya and Dillon spar in the interrogation room. What Sonya was injecting herself with earlier? Explosives. She blows herself up and takes Dillon along for the ride.

Lucas gets a text when he's packing to go north.

Kiera goes to Brad. Alec has reunited with Emily.

Brad's mission was to kill Alec. Chen told Brad what Kiera was and he thought she was a fellow soldier, so she was collateral damage.

Kiera asks Brad why he killed her. Collateral damage in his quest to get Alec. Now they're family.

Alec doesn't believe anything he does will make a difference in the way they want. The problem has always been Kiera. The problem, the solution, who knows?

Kiera and Brad appear to be a couple.

Kellog gives CAlec a photo of Kiera with Alec.

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Continuum Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

All you have to know is that Catherine isn't his disciple. She's his jailer. The great day is coming.


He's the one you told me about, right? The original Freelancer who traveled back a thousand years to start your cult?