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We meet Hayes Atwell in jail, arrested for cocaine. She was a former first daughter, who hasn't been able to stay off gossip covers.

Hayes's mom, Harper Atwell is running for Senate and can't afford to have this arrest in the papers.

D.A Conner Cahill says he will make the charge go away if she becomes director of his task force.

The task force is the conviction integrity unit. They look over cases where the conviction might have a chance to be overturned.

Hayes doesn't want to take the position but realizes she has no real choice.

Hayes meets her team and isn't too impressed. The team consists of Sam Spencer (who was suppose to be the director), Maxine Bohen, Tess Larson, and Frankie Cruz.

The team decides to pick a case involving a young black man Odell Dywer who was convicted of killing his girlfriend. Hayes thinks he would make a great first heartwarming case.

In the midst of her team trying to get clues on the case, Hayes is trying to get out of being director.

Conner won't let her out of the deal and neither will her mother.

Harper tells her  daughter if she messes up she will go to jail for the cocaine charge. 

Without any other place to go and a push from Maxine, Hayes starts to finally lead the group.

The group uncovers clues to lead to Odell's wrongful conviction. Hayes finally leading the group and having them come together overturns the conviction.

Though the case was solved, we discover things about each member on the task force. Why they decided to join the group.

Maxine wants to be on the cops side, coming from a police family. She soon realizes going through these cases may upset a few cops.

Frankie was in jail before and seems to have a romantic relationship with an inmate.

Sam wants to play his role in hopes of Conner using him for when he runs for Mayor.

Tess gave a false eyewitness account as a child that led to a wrongful conviction. It was later overturned after DNA showed the person was innocent.




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Go be the boss, boss.


This color makes me look like I have HPV.