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The second episode of Copper picked up where the premiere left off - Corcoran is still trying to protect Annie from Haverford, her sister's killer. But Haverford wants Annie more than Corcoran realizes and sends men to torture Corcoran until he reveals her location. Corcoran escapes, but not before they break his leg. Realizing just how much danger Annie is, Corcoran puts a plan into motion that ends with the murder of Haverford. Haverford's widow, Elizabeth, adopts Annie.

Meanwhile, the Morehouses begin buying up Five Points to develop the slums and Corcoran hunts for information about the death of his daughter and the disappearance of his wife. 

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Copper Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Father doesn't want to eradicate the immigrants. He just wants them to move to Hoboken.

Robert Morehouse

Corcoran: Annie's in real danger.
Sister Agnes Clare: Well you're a copper, shield her from the danger.
Corcoran [exasperated]: I'm trying.